Ascension Times

Ascension Times

Ascension Times

We are living in Ascension Times, the start of the New Earth.

The energy and information on this site are here to support you — to help you create more clarity, wisdom, abundance, Love, and well-being as you’re creating a fifth dimensional life.

Messages to Lightworkers

Weekly channelings from the Collective, a group of fifth and sixth dimensional beings aiding Lightworkers as we build the New Earth and ascend to the fifth dimension.

A Free Gift

Use the signup form to receive the weekly “Message to Lightworkers” channelings, and a free excerpt — the first three chapters of the Amazon bestseller:

The Ascension Manual

A Lightworker’s Guide to Fifth Dimensional Living

Ascension Manual Cover - MED

The Ascension Manuals are collections of channelings from the Collective, a group of Galactic and Angelic beings aiding Earth and humankind as we Ascend into the fifth dimension.

Each chapter carries a special gift of Light and higher energies, to assist you in handling whatever challenges you are facing now, offering higher wisdom, Love, and guidance on issues such as:

  • Money and Abundance
  • Life Partner Relationships
  • Food and Eating
  • Manifesting What You Desire
  • Releasing Third Dimensional Relationships
  • Many other Ascension / life issues


AscensionManual_part2_balloons_life-2 copy

The Ascension Manual – Part Two:

Creating a Fifth Dimensional Life

Abundance For All - Cover - 1563x2500

Abundance For All

The Lightworker’s Way to
Creating Money and True Wealth

Available in the Kindle Store


Belfast Book - Cover - 400 Pixels

Adventures in Belfast

Northern Irish Life After the Peace Agreement

Available in the Kindle Store

Tools and Resources

Helpful people, websites, books, films, and videos to support you on the Ascension Path.

Channeled Readings – Ask the Collective

If you have questions about your life or Ascension path, you might find it helpful to have a channeling session with the Collective. You’ll find more information here.

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All information and images are offered in a spirit of openness. Take with you only what resonates as being true for you.

I hope what you find here will add Light to your path.

Please feel free to contact me via email. I’ll be happy to hear from you.



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Thank you so much for your support.


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