Ascension Times

Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – March 23, 2014

A Message to Lightworkers, from some of the Galactic crew aboard Admiral Sananda’s ship.

Greetings, we are of the flagship the New Jerusalem, a collective that has long wished to speak through you in your conscious waking hours.

We are of the team of Galactic beings whom you work with each night in your physical sleep.

We do not wish to intrude on your Earthly moments, except that you should know we are constantly sending you light, instruction on how to deal with energy in your lower planes, and what wisdom you will permit to receive.

We are rejoicing with you that in these days, much is happening that brings Earth irrevocably closer, by the hour, to Her full participation in intergalactic society.

There is much still to be done, but do not doubt that your Ascension as a race—for those willing to move forward in this way—is indeed occurring.

Do not allow news of the dark ones’ movements and machinations to dishearten you.

They fully know their time is over, though many are still deeply in denial on a conscious level. Inwardly in their inner recesses, they are cognizant of their kingdoms crumbling and falling to the wayside.

They will soon be only a chapter in your history, and a dark and sad tale of loss, destruction and ego gone out of control.

Now of course you wish to know as many of your fellow lightworkers wish to know, whether the Earth’s inhabitants will be joining the Intergalactic Confederation within your physical lifetime.

And of course to us, your usual Earthly lifetimes are so short that this is hardly a serious question.

Were you to leave your bodies now, you would participate on an etheric and soul level, even if your physical daily life was no more.

Your contribution to humanity’s ascension (we do not use the word our writer so disdains, “mankind”!) would continue unabated, with hardly a blip in the radar or a moment’s hesitation as you say.

Photo: ET Let's Talk

Photo: ET Let’s Talk

Yet you have chosen to be on Earth in the days when millions will witness Disclosure, arrests, the end of fraudulent banking and all the debt and economic oppression that that has wrought, and many other injustices, and many beautiful moments such as the Lightworkers have only dreamt of for centuries.

You have chosen to be here to witness this in body as well as in spirit.

Your President [Obama] has chosen to lead the moment (but only that first moment, for the decisions after that shall come from you, the people) when news of our presence will be made known through your mainstream media channels and many people’s hearts, minds and telepathic channels.

Do not forget too, that the children and youth of Earth are far more open, more ready unconsciously than any other generation of Earth’s people, to experience the Truths that are about to be revealed.

Ashtar would not permit us (nor would we attempt) to name a date, even to assure you that these things would occur for certain in April 2014.

Yet you are aware that the astrological alignments and occurrences are such that the door opens for Disclosure and Event happenings, even as we speak.

Your only job is to prepare inwardly and to continue to imagine the Violet Flame enveloping all of the Earth, in all its glory and crystalizing beauty.

For it encourages and enables the continued growth and design of the new crystalline bodies of Earth and her people.

Yes, you are one people, though many. Do not think we are not all in awe of your diverse beauty and ability to reach forward, despite how badly the experiment in duality has got out of hand.

Do not be mistaken; this failed and mishandled dual experience cannot continue and is ending now. You feel such in your heart and higher mind, or you would not be gathering your inner resources for Changeover.

Ashtar will reveal more, with Sananda and others of the Ascended, regarding what you may expect at the time of Changeover.

For now, be in joy that there are increasing inroads and necessary preparations taking place that enable that brilliant moment, that great symphonic series of notes to be struck and held, to raise the vibration of Earth’s people to where your Lady Gaia Herself now lives.

Namaste! See the Divine within you. We never cease to celebrate your beauty.

COR: Can you tell me what exactly these inroads are? What is happening in terms of preparations?

NESARA law cannot be enacted without the proper legal platforms, including the courts that will try the criminals who have too long taken control and misappropriated Earth’s financial bounty.

And so a select group within US, European and Asian governments have been working to enact legislation and regulation that will make NESARA a possibility and a reality rather than a pipe dream.

You have heard of the BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

These nations also have created a structure that is an alternative form of banking regulation, to support an alternative GDP and currency structure that does not come under cabal control, though of course the cabal have placed as many connections into that world as possible. But they have not succeeded in wresting control from all independent sources.

They are no longer the reigning bully on the block.

This is a source of infuriated frustration and anger for them; they have attempted over the last 18 months or more to create numerous wars that would escalate to the point where martial law would become fully the norm and

Cloud Ship

Cloud Ship

not only the occasional reality in the US, Europe and elsewhere.

Their “terrorism” plea for constant fear and overbearing “security” measures (strange term for lack of freedom of movement!) has worn thin.

Many millions now know they were lied to regarding 9/11 and suspect that many other “terrorist operations” were in fact false flags to foment fear and smooth the way for loss of civil rights and civil freedom of movement.

And so the grasp of the cabal weakens on the psychological level as well as the political and financial level.

COR: How does the Vatican figure into all of this? Ratzinger is still in control, according to Kevin Annett and others.

Bergoglio is not the ‘real’ pope at all. So the cleaning house we counted on him for cannot occur so fully as we had hoped, I’m thinking, if Ratzinger is the one still in control.

Again, these are shadow plays. The puppet behind the screen is very small compared to the shadow it creates for the audience to see!

Remember that many other bodies control and influence the Vatican—European families of the Black Nobility, financial firms, large banks and the international markets.

They are given to dark rituals at the Vatican as a source of ‘spiritual’ power that no longer exists for them.

And their financial prowess is so weak as to be near its finish.

What is left to them, but to wander about in their grand halls, dressed in their grand finery, and pretend that the palace is still the center of attention? It is not.

The world’s people are no longer allowing the few to rob the many. And they know this.

They know their time is up. Do not be alarmed that they appear to be in operation, as usual.

All is not as it was, and never shall be again.

COR: What sort of work takes place on the ship, that humans help with each night while we are physically asleep?

We are fast building your new crystalline reality here on your beautiful Earth, as well as doing much damage control as you would call it, countering and nullifying the effects of radiation and other horrible forms of pollution that endanger Earth’s bountiful forms of life, the air, the minerals, and even the shape of the land, which should be honored as sacred.

You have become aware over these past few decades of the sacred nature of the Earth and Her children—the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms—as well as her land, air and sky.

Many are now increasingly aware, in part because you have taken up your roles more actively in healing Earth and aiding in the new lightbody construction of yourself and the Earth Herself.

You cannot ascend for others, as you are aware.

But you can aid them in creating a lightbody by creating your own and vibrating at that level/reality when you are near them. That normalizes both the vibration and the ascension process for them.

Do not worry for your friends who seem stuck in the old Earth paradigms.

When they are ready they will move forward. Perhaps without realizing it, they have begun to do so already.

You will see a change now, in Earth’s people, regarding UFOs—you have doubtless already seen a change in many, with the YouTube videos and many blogs and documentaries addressing disclosure and sightings.

You will see people releasing their fear of those who come from other planets and star systems.

Once, there was no fear, only acceptance, though with some awe for the advanced forms of technology and spiritual vibration.

Your native peoples knew we were not to be feared. You will see this again—a befriending of Galactics or the idea of meeting us—even before Disclosure is fully rolled out.

Believe in it! We are here (and we are proud), and we wish to aid in your ascension.

COR: Thank you, my friends.

Namaste, dear one.



About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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  1. Brett

    I am new to your lightwork and availing myself of your site from its first messages and certainly agree with Lynne: This is straight up clear communicating about subjects that are impossible to fathom with the usual senses. “Wow” may be a cliche, but it sure fits here. 🙂

    Peace & light,


  2. Thank you so much, Lynne. I so much appreciate your support and encouragement. It’s always wonderful to receive encouraging messages from a higher place!

  3. Thank you for a grounded channeling, Caroline, and for sharing your gift in an understandable way. What a wonderful message to help people understand what is happening now, and some of what is to come.
    Many Blessings,

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