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Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – April 7, 2014

Another message from the collective who work onboard the ship New Jerusalem.


My friends, I of course want to ask, How are things progressing in terms of Changeover? This month of April is so important – so many astrological occurrences happening, particularly the Grand Cross of April 23-24.

I almost expect to hear Announcements and Disclosure this month, and yet part of me says, “Don’t expect it to happen, and then you won’t be disappointed.”

I don’t know what Lightworkers are meant to do at this point, other than blaze the Violet Flame in our meditations, and carry on with our own work. Is there something else we can do to help Disclosure and Announcements to occur?

This is an important question! Because as you know, you are not merely passive observers to what goes on in your world. You are co-creators, with all the higher forces of the Universe, of every good thing (and unfortunately, much that is not good) that occurs on your Earth.

You are aware that much cannot be spoken of. Much occurring now is of such a sensitive nature that it hangs in a precarious balance, until strengthened by mutual agreement and ongoing and sometimes voluntary, sometimes involuntary surrender on the part of the dark ones.

To explain what is happening would bring to light much that it is best, for your safety, that you not know or relay to others. But we will say that the new financial structure has been in a state of construction for decades now, and is moving into place with great surety and increasing speed. And so, though it may appear that not much is happening, we can assure you that there is nearly Everything happening now.

Changes in government, in the hierarchy that makes decision and stops or enables movements that affect ordinary working folk round the world, is constant and ongoing. There is no opposition, sudden, planned or otherwise orchestrated, that will be able to stop it.

And though there is much opposition, without question, it has failed and will continue to fail, no matter what drastic measures are attempted to hold back Changeover, Disclosure, Arrests and Announcements, let alone the New Prosperity.

Black Forest, Germany - SMALLER

You have seen your President making comments regarding new opportunities for working people, in healthcare and in jobs, and by establishing new and more just banking regulations. These are done in part to pave the way for your consciousness to accept what would have been unacceptable in the past. These changes are there to engender greater trust in government, and to encourage the belief in a just government—that one can exist.

Because very soon you will be creating a government that you, not the dark ones, have created. And that government must be trusted and believed in, and not so constantly criticized and questioned as unjust—though those reactions have been warranted for many thousands of years, since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria and other civilizations of higher dimension.

And so much is happening that engenders a change in mind and spirit, a subtle shift in consciousness that some resist and others accept without trouble. That in itself is a sign that you can follow.

Likewise, the increasing questioning of security and intelligence agencies—the “rights” they claim for themselves, the operations they carry out, and the philosophies under which they operate. Far, far fewer people now believe that they are spying on their own and other citizens out of a need to ensure “security”—a word thought up by the dark ones and perpetuated by them for their own purposes for an age.

Far fewer people feel these agencies can be trusted, and very few feel they should never be held accountable for their actions, whether it is torture, unjust imprisonment, spying and surveillance on ordinary citizens and other innocent persons, false arrest and detainment, or all-out war.

And so there is a “cleaning up” and “clearing out” that is beginning now, to continue for some years yet. It will involve (and is already involving) the Vatican, the crowns of Europe, the US and UK governments, national and international security and intelligence agencies, and other bodies that once considered themselves well beyond the scope of investigation, let alone imprisonment of its members.

All that is shifting rapidly, and no one, no matter their family name or their political connections, will be immune from having to answer for what they have done.

It is difficult for us to not know exactly what is happening, to not see the changes happening behind the scenes. Because if we could see that, I think we would be greatly encouraged. Is it a matter of reading energetic shifts? Because the outer shifts are hidden from us, no matter how badly we want to see them.

Everything is energy. It is always a matter of reading energetic shifts. In time, that is the only thing you will bother with!

But certainly, it is difficult for you in your old third-dimensional way of thinking, to consider energy and energetic movement (the winds of change, you would say) to be a thing in and of itself. In your current world you still look for “solid matter” as evidence of change. But you will need to leave that way of thinking, if you wish to understand what is happening all around you.

Visualize where the dark ones are, in terms of what they are doing and how quickly they are falling. You won’t need to think of them for very long (their energy would pull you down very quickly) to see how they are desperate to hold onto their power now. And how will they do so, when the old structures they have so depended upon are failing, left and right?

How will they retain their places in a set-up that no longer exists? Some have already dissolved, and others are in the process of doing so.

Visualize the teams aboard the ships—our own (your own, in actuality) and others—and see that all we do is work with light and energy, color and sound. You are aware that your twin flame has spoken of this work. It is a matter of real joy to us. So rather than be pulled down by those images, you will be lifted up by them.

Think in terms of the new, not “what is happening with the old?” Because the old increasingly is fading away. It is, as you would say, “yesterday’s headline.”

Are you working to raise humanity’s consciousness? To heal the Earth—what are you working on, exactly?Green River Water - SMALLER

All of that is vital to what we do. Healing your Earth is what takes most of our focus at present. But that is partly because we then indirectly raise the level of humanity’s vibration, in the process.

We are cleansing your energetic environment, which is a project we are permitted to engage in, without violation of Ashtar’s command or of the prime directive (yes—that is real). You join us in this work while you are in your physical sleep time.

Is this why I played music for so many years, and wrote poetry—is it the same kind of work?

It is absolutely energetic work, to play music and write or speak poetry. The energies on your Earth now are such that each Lightworker’s efforts help to lift the entire spectrum of energies experienced by Earth’s people.

You do not have to worry that you are “not doing enough” to help humankind’s ascension. You are working all the time. And the blazing of the Violet Flame and other visualizations and meditations are of very great help in that movement. There is no way you cannot assist us. Your presence magnifies our every effort, and that of the ascended masters.

You are not alone! Namaste, dear ones.

Namaste, my friends.


Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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