Ascension Times

Ascension Times

Message to Lightworkers – April 14, 2014

Another message from the collective of fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings who work onboard the ship New Jerusalem.


COR: Hello, my friends. April is a powerful month for changes, isn’t it? Particularly with the cardinal grand cross coming up on the 23rd and 24th of this month? And the lunar eclipse on the 15th—tomorrow?

Greetings! This is indeed a crucial month in terms of both Changeover and the Ascension of Earth’s peoples.

There is of course only one people—the human race and the Collective that is the All That Is, reflected in the many different faces of your beautiful Earth’s beings. They seem to be from many nations, in many shapes and colors, yet you are all One, and you know this in your deepest heart.

Indeed there is even now an increasing sense of knowing regarding your Oneness, in your daily waking lives. And so even in the conscious state, there is no avoiding this brilliant and positive moment of Awakening of the human race. Which is not a single “race,” but a collective of many humanoid starseeds—but that is another story for another day.

COR: I’ve never known what to make of the word “starseed” though. Could you explain that?

Dear ones, you are all of many, many places in this and other galaxies. You have come here in different soul incarnations, some of you many times, in order to learn from what is called the lower dimensional density of the third-dimensional realm.

And so, learn you have. But now it is time to raise Earth’s consciousness to a higher plateau, and from there, more advances will be made. But it is this initial raising to the next level that is taking your energies in this incarnation. For this has not occurred before, and it has attracted (as you know) the attention of several universes, including lifeforms from all over your own universe.

COR: There are ships everywhere around us now, from what I understand.

Yes indeed—millions of them! And they can see, with a keener sight than what most humans are gifted with, many astounding changes happening in the energy of the planet.

Your dark ones, for one thing, are no longer in control. This has lifted the entire energy signature of the Earth, and of all its people.

Do not be alarmed at the “rumors of war” – they are empty threats. Earth is finishing Her wars, not creating new ones.

COR: I’m feeling like we should all be rejoicing and dancing in the streets, but we would look a bit odd doing that, as no announcements have been made. No one’s gone on TV to say that all debt is cancelled, that governments will now be fair and just, that there will be no more land grabs, no more false financial dealings and unfair taxation.

No more jailing of children, no more trafficking of children or adults into slavery, torture or death. I feel as if we should be celebrating, but it’s only the energy in the air. Someone who only thinks in third-dimensional terms wouldn’t understand.

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We would invite you to celebrate in as many ways as possible, dear ones. Do not think that there is nothing yet to celebrate. There is everything to celebrate! Sing your music and play your song! For freedom is just now coming round every corner.

How could it be otherwise, when you have yourself created it and declared it to be so? This is your Earth, and She waits to rejoice with you. And the celebration is a way to declare your freedom and to seize upon it fully and all the sooner.

COR: I do want to celebrate. I feel that if we don’t, how will we know this is unfolding? How will anyone know that the final Truth is joy?

Like the song says – “Clap along if you know that Happiness is the Truth.” How could that one small tune have taken over the world so completely, if human beings didn’t know deep down that things are changing in their favor now, and for good?

How indeed! You are right that in some senses, the celebration has already begun. And the unraveling of the false fabric has already begun. You have seen it yourself.

You and your fellow Lightworkers have enabled much of the unraveling. And the New Earth being spun and woven in its place is made of Light—the crystalline structure. And of that there shall be no end—no end of celebration, and no end of joy.

COR: Thank you, my friends.

Namaste, dearest ones.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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