Ascension Times

Ascension Times

Message to Lightworkers – April 21, 2014

Another message from the collective of higher beings on the New Jerusalem, under the command of Lord Sananda and Ashtar.


COR: Namaste, Friends. I understand that there is a great deal happening in the world right now. Can you talk about how the energies occurring this month—the blood moon/lunar eclipse, the cardinal grand cross that is about to occur—how they are affecting us?

A lot of people are feeling very strongly affected by them. Slightly ill or off-balance, or quite sensitive, releasing negative emotions, etc.

Namaste, dear one! There is no need for fear regarding the lower energies being released. What is happening is that the higher energies, from the Galactic Central Sun Alcyone, are being anchored into human consciousness, as well as the Earth Herself.

In order for this to happen, the entire frequency or vibration of Earth and Her people must be brought to a higher level, so you can sustain this higher vibration permanently. That requires a purging or releasing of the old. It is not that something bad is “happening” now so much as it is a releasing of what you have termed “bad” in the past.

In reality, there is no good or bad, there is only energy. Some higher or more light-filled than others, you might say.

COR: It is worrisome, when we feel very nearly “attacked” by these painful moments. I feel at times as if it is our very vulnerable human condition that we are releasing. As if we were releasing our helplessness—our addictions, our fears—all the lower order of thought, belief, experience that holds us back from ascension.

It is not only the lower order as you term it, that holds you back. It is also the very system or matrix of energy that you live within. If it were only a matter of your own thoughts, beliefs and experiences—those could be transformed very quickly, and would have been, by now.

Instead, it is the web of deceit that the human race has lived within for so long, spun by those in power for millennia, that is still holding you back. But so much has already been dismantled!Violet Flame

Look at the revelations occurring—just today you heard the Bilderberg group mentioned in a mainstream newscast, when in years or even months past, that would never have occurred, or only rarely, with a tone of reverence, not a question of “Who are they?”. As if to say, Why have they got this hold on us, and why do their decisions run our lives?

Now there is a healthy objection, a realization, an awakening from the deep slumber—there is an awareness that you have been held in a deadly vice. That not only a few, but many millions, for thousands of years, have been mind-controlled, lied to, manipulated and repressed out of ordinary soul growth, the natural growth of consciousness. It is no less than all of this that your people—all of you—are now upending.

COR: I hear some people doubting still, as if there are obstacles that could stop the Event from occurring—stop government disclosure and the NESARA announcement, stop the eradication of the old and the corrupt and the creation of just divine government. Will there be further delays?

It is not a question of delays, dearest one, but of process. We are in the midst, all of us, of building a new world, a New Earth.

There is no creation that occurs in the instant, in your reality, before that which is taking its place has been removed. So in human time—in your sense of time, which is still in place, as you have not yet reached No Time, though you will—in human terms, it is “taking a long time.” But in reality, there can be no delays.

Those who would create wars, financial disasters and other laughable distractions attempt to do so out of desperation. There is no delay. All is as it should be.

COR: Should we keep blazing the Violet Flame of St Germaine?

Of course. That is more of a celebration now, than a necessity. But yes, it makes the passage smoother for many, so blaze the sacred flame. Imagine the joyful music that goes with it, growing stronger, louder and more joyful at every moment.

And do not fear any tears that flow, because there is joy behind them, even in moments that tire you.

Violet Flame2

COR: You know I am constantly concerned for children—those who are abused, who are stolen and trafficked, who are bullied, sometimes to the point of utter despair where they take their own lives. It doesn’t feel like we’re doing enough, just to meditate and say, “It will all be changing soon.”

You are not “merely” meditating and speaking kind words. You are in the midst, with your energy, your intent and your presence, of creating a New Earth for them. They have chosen to come here now at this moment of Change to witness this event, whether they do it in body or out. Allow their souls their choices—it is what you would ask them to give you.

COR: I cannot bear to think of children and teens suffering. Their vulnerability is so great.

Then speak to them on a higher level, and tell them what you would tell them face to face—that All is Well, that All Manner of Things Shall Be Well.

And that they are part of the greatest moment this universe has ever seen. This is a moment for celebration! Write them the most beautiful song you can imagine, from your innermost soul and Divine Self.

We ask now that you think in fifth-dimensional terms, not third-dimensional. Accept the new paradigm! It is of your own making.

I Wish I Could Show You - MEDIUM

COR: Thank you, my friends. Namaste, and much love.

Much love to you, dear one! Namaste.


Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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