Ascension Times

Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – May 8, 2014

Greetings, friends and fellow Lightworkers! Namaste.

We are your friends and associates, aboard the New Jerusalem, under command of Admiral Lord Sananda. We are fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings in service of all humanity, and work constantly to assist in the ascension of Earth’s peoples.

For we realize that though there is little you understand now in terms of the entire process of ascension, you nonetheless are experiencing that process full throttle.

You know and believe, quite rightly, that there is much happening in terms of the release and dismantling of old, corrupt structures that were never intended to serve humankind, but only a nefarious few.

That regime is now ending, and quickly.

Your question to us, dear writer, was Why is it taking so long? And what can we do to speed the process of ascension along?

So that you can all begin living in fifth-dimensional Light and Love, and cease all the wars and the conflict, the falsely created scarcity, and the narrow-minded hatred that divide humans so desperately, that teaches their young to regard one another with suspicion, competitive anger, and fear.

The answer is as always dearest friends, that though much has been accomplished, there remains great work to be done in terms of removing those who usurped Earth’s freedom and self-determination many eons ago.

Though we are aware of your impatience and your powerful desire to change all, to right all to what it should be, Now and no later, we are also needing to educate you regarding why it all seems to be “taking so long.”

No planet’s people have achieved what you have so far achieved, at least not in your star system.

It is a miracle that such systems as the established church, Western (and Eastern) governments – all of them, colonizing and exploitative corporations that have robbed and raped for so long – and individuals given to evil dealings, have been stopped in their tracks on so many levels.

1st April on Road from Tralee to Cloghane Castlegregory - Co Kerry - Smaller

Photo taken 1st April 2014, on the road from Tralee to Cloghane Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland

Much has been happening, and your growing Light has made all the difference in these events. Let us explain the “never” occurrences:

There was to be another world war – it was planned with great precision by those you refer to as the cabal and Illuminati – but it has been stopped, and will not occur.

There was to be a global financial meltdown, a breaking down of all banks, an imposed situation of scarcity such as you have never seen in your world history – that too was stopped, and will not be allowed to occur.

There was to be, in the US and much of the European nations, a nationwide imposition of martial law, a formal police state in which no one could safely walk the streets without constant surveillance by both human eye and camera, and the need to produce ID to uniformed personnel, wherever they went. That too was ended dead in its tracks, and will not occur.

There was to be a systematic “elimination” as they like to term it of world leaders – not only those who dare question the cabal to their face, for they do exist (your president is one). But simply those in power, in order to spread wide-ranging panic and doubt in the world’s civilized structure. And yes – this was stopped, and will never occur.

Your president was among those to be eliminated – you see his destruction plotted on many levels, politically and in the media. This was to be an actual physical elimination of him and his family, but it will Not be allowed to occur.

Why? Why has all this been stopped – and the great ship turned slowly but surely toward the shores of Ascension, instead of destruction, loss and mass fear?

Because you have chosen so. You have chosen as a people, as a human race, to ascend with your brilliant and beautiful planet, your Mother, rather than to submit any longer to the fanatical ravings of mass murdering professional thieves who work on the grand scale of bankrupting whole countries and their people – and the Earth Herself.

You have chosen to move forward, not remain in the stasis and downward spiral they created for you. And you have chosen to believe in that ascension, to speak of it and to celebrate it, on these and thousands of other pages across your internet and your books, and in a million conversations and dreams of the beauty of a New Earth, made of Light and the brilliance of ascension properties.

Not merely for the purposes of celebrating NESARA and the arrests, debt jubilee and prosperity that will result from it. But because you wanted to know yourself in a far higher essence than what the third dimension would ever permit you to know.

You wished to know yourselves as Light Beings. And the first thing you must learn as a Light Being is that there Is No Time.

Not, as you would say, “no time like the present.” Rather, there is no time BUT the present!

There is this Now moment, and then there is nothing else. There is no “waiting” to be done. If you wish to experience the freedom and release from the old oppression that you have been “looking forward to,” you can experience such now.

I (for we speak as One) would not wait for another to give you this, in outer form. I would concentrate on developing exactly those qualities that any fifth dimensional being, any Light Being, would encompass and enjoy.

Among these are the quality of instant forgiveness, to the point of never reacting or even noticing an insult, slight, disturbance or interruption.

Violence cannot be tolerated and must be stopped in terms you are only beginning to grasp. But the smaller moments of life – the many small pains and annoyances – afford many ascension opportunities.



Take them all – welcome them with open arms, held wide open in joy, for they are gifts to you.

Forgive instantly the co-worker or employer who disregards or devalues your presence or contribution, who questions your words or your actions, who is so entirely warped by their own ego, smallness and fear they can hardly see you for the fog around them.

Forgive instantly the ignorance of the politicians who endanger others in their mass-hypnosis state, their criminal acceptance of their overlords, as they carry out cabal orders, one face to the cameras proclaiming the morality and urgency of their actions, and another compliant or fearful face to their owners.

Forgive instantly the past and all it holds – the abusing family members, the neighbor who molested you or stole from your family, the teachers who should never have been “teaching,” the authors of the science and history books who intentionally lied, or accidently lied about the origins of your world and your universe.

Forgive the dramatic fiction forwarded by much of your media, fomented to start wars and create mass panic.

Release all need to change others, to “fix” others, to mold them to your preference. Release them to their path, sending them Light in the sense not to “heal” them toward what you would prefer, but in the sense that they make use of that Energy to walk more easily upon their own ascension path.

Another great ascension gift is that of music, and of all creative expression – visual or metaphorical, such as in poetry, dance and visual art.

In our lives here onboard our beautiful ship – the beauty of its interior, you could only imagine if you were to access memories of your nightly visits here – we so greatly value and understand the importance of music, of color, of shape, including the sacred geometries.

These have unprecedented power to shape human consciousness, and to aid in ascension. They are not just nice things to enjoy when one has “free time.”

Consider all of your day and night now to be free, and use these gifts to enlighten yourself.

You will also enlighten others by the energy pouring out from you, filling every room and town you inhabit, and beyond. Use music, color, symbol and the beauty of Nature to not only inspire but to inform your daily living.

As part of Source, you helped to create all of this, and must appreciate it more in order to more fully grasp and enjoy your lives as fifth-dimensional beings. For this is what you are, at heart – that and far more.

We will speak more of this in our next transmission. For now, know that you are never alone, that we hear your plaintive cries for release from the ongoing madness of your world.

Yes, there are great birthing pains taking place. But you are freeing yourselves, and that is so great a moment, we spare no pity for your situation – empathy only, and great, utterly unprecedented, celebration.

Namaste, dearest ones! We are with you.


Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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  1. Thank you so much, Lynne. These are amazing beings, and I am grateful to them for choosing to come through me to speak to us all. It’s a huge blessing. They serve as amazing guides to us all during these challenging times.

  2. Thank you for bringing forth this beautiful message for all humanity, in the interest and highest good of all living beings. Messages of love and wisdom help us through these intensifying times of transition. Many blessings, to you Caroline, and thank you to the Guides…the beings of Light, who serve us with such love.

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    Namaste, my friend!

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