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Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – June 20, 2014

The latest update from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective, onboard the New Jerusalem.



COR: Namaste, friends! I have been reading an amazing book lately, From Contact to Ascension: Timely Messages from the Intergalactic Board of Council 

I’m finding it incredibly illuminating. But as I have discussed with my friend Lynne, who is also reading it, I find it difficult that the Council who are being channeled in the book advise those who are ascending souls not to get too involved in social or political matters.

They say that that necessitates a sort of struggle, and that we then resonate with third-dimensional duality, which could potentially sabotage our ascension. 

I would find it impossible to stop caring about things such as full disclosure, animal rights, the environment, and ending child trafficking, bullying, and gun violence. I feel it is in my Earth life blueprint to care about all those things, and to be involved in solving those problems.

I can understand their point, but I can’t reconcile it to my own life path, and I think many other Lightworkers feel the same way. Please give me your ideas on this. It seems to be a real conundrum.

Dearest ones, it is only a conundrum if you wish to see it that way.

You understand, do you not, the often-seen situation of someone attempting to stop two people or an entire crowd from arguing or physically fighting one another. Sometimes the person intervening joins in the fight, taking a side and speaking vehemently against one side or the other.Catching Stars

At other times, they are a neutral intermediary, a Presence that exists not to “win” the argument for one side or the other, nor to discourage any sort of interaction or even the argument itself.

They are the witness needed at that moment, a witness to neutrality, to calm, to quiet, and to mutual respect. 

By respecting both parties and refusing to take a side, they are acting as a shield for each side.

Not a shield to protect one side from the anger and stubbornness of the other. But a shield that protects each side from the results of their own anger and stubbornness, and their refusal to understand that all perceptions are One, in the final moment.

You worry that your passion for equality, for kind and humane treatment of animals, children and environment, your discussion of historical wrongs of church and state, and your stance in favor of progression in these matters, is another angry voice in the crowd.

We assure you it is not.

For within your own calm stance is the reflection that both the apathetic and those guilty of causing harm have long avoided. That is your moment—the gift that you offer to them, of self-realization, and reflection of the truth of their own vibration.

For the worst sort of vibrational state is the one that is entirely self-absorbed yet shrouded in lack of self-awareness. Self-awareness only increases, in positive ways, as one ascends.

So this would in fact be the opposite of what most of those on Earth assume “Oneness” to be. And most certainly, it would be the opposite of what your religions tell you.


Green Wave


They have long trained you for millennia to think of anything but yourself and your own self-awareness, unless you were doing so in terms of your lowliness, your wrongness, your separateness from God.

(As if such a thing were possible! Are you laughing yet? We laugh long and hard at this notion.)

And yet, you speak of your computers as not being self-aware—that is the indication, the solid proof that they have no spirit, let alone Spirit, within them.

And so we would say to you that though it is a dangerous thing vibrationally, to be consistently caught up in a fight, that is not what you and your fellow Lightworkers are doing, for the most part.

And that “most part” is the crucial thing here, for it is a question always, with energy, of critical mass being reached, as all on Earth is created from an accumulation of intention, emotion and visualizing thought or dreams.

We would not say to you, “Forget all of your ‘causes’—leave it all alone!” for in that case, you would not be breathing anymore, but would have left your Earthly body and life far below and behind you.

What is intended by the Council’s message (if we may speak on their behalf for a moment), is to warn you away from emotional engagement on the level of the third-dimension—that is, the destructive, never-ending cycle of shoulds and should-nots, of goods and bads, of fine and terrible, in the sense that that is all that is invested in.

Of course you know that there is much beyond duality. And you daily invest more and more in your own—and your Earth’s—new reality of neutrality, openness, nonjudgmentalism, love and utter acceptance of What Is.

And what is it, this What Is?

It is you—all of you on Earth, confusion and all. Separation and all.

And it is good, and it is perfect, and always shall be. How could it be otherwise, dearest ones?

We send great love, and are with you always. Namaste!


Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

2 Replies

  1. Thank you, Lynne! I absolutely agree. It is very important that we find balance now, and that we release heavy emotions whenever possible. I think we will find it increasingly easier to stay neutral, calm and at peace as we evolve and as the energies on Earth continue to enter the fifth dimension. Namaste!

  2. Thank you for another pertinent and important message. It is imperative that we find balance between supporting the causes we believe in and allowing our emotions to create more density via our reactions and responses to these. Blessings and love.


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