Ascension Times

Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – July 3, 2014

The latest update from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective, onboard the New Jerusalem.


COR: My friends, I see news stories such as the teenage boys being killed in Palestine and Israel–each community retaliating for a loss on their side, as if more death could solve anything– and I feel that both these communities are being manipulated for someone else’s gain.

I know that there could have been peace in that region by now, but that it was stopped—by individuals, corporations, governments within and outside that region. And I am at a loss as to what to think the answer can be.

Namaste, friends! Our writer is troubled at the moment, by the appearance of evil, violence and destruction in the world. And this is understandable, given your human position and view. The view from where you sit has ever been narrow and uninformed.

You are given this information as if these outer events were all that is transpiring—there are those who wish to convince you that this hopelessness is all there is.

But we can assure that there is much more at work here than warring factions, and posturing, hypocritical statements from political leaders. And terrible, terrible loss, in the third-dimensional, finite sense of the word.

There is in fact a great and new form of Life, emerging from the cocoon of third-dimensional living. And this new Life is not based on the old.

I (for we speak as One) do not refer here to merely the release of the carbon body, based on atoms of carbon molecules, and the transformation into the Adam Kadmon body of crystalline structure.

For that is a great enough transformation.

We refer to the shift in consciousness which is not a movement merely into the Light, but a becoming of Light itself.

Not merely a recognition of higher forms of thought and being, but a transformation into those higher forms, into a state in which the natural effects of Light and fifth-dimensional energy transformations are as natural as breathing.

This is more than change, more than evolution. It is a Becoming of the highest order. It is Ascension, yes – but it is not all new.

It is a return to that higher form that you were eons ago, before you fell from that position of Creators to the complete nonsense and utter lie of being merely the Created.

That fall is responsible for the illusion you see around you now—the destruction, the horror and the terrible, terrible deceptions that war is necessary, that God is far away and must be wooed with certain words and behaviors, that people are terrible and ‘wrong’ by nature.

All of it, Lies of the lowest order. In your hearts, you recognize this, or you would not be reaching so high now as to finally pull back the curtain as you say, to see the man pulling the levers and speaking into a device that makes his voice sounds powerful and mighty.

You recognize and know all this, or you would not decide, even after watching a news reports of young innocent boys killed for no reason, that there is still a Light that surrounds you, that is filling the Earth and lifting Her to such a high level of thought, feeling and realization, that it can never be lowered again.

Consider these the very last days of suffering and delusion, of loss and irreconcilable differences among humans, or between humans and their environment.

Consider these the last lies you will ever hear, the last losses you will ever feel. And for those not ascending—which is their choice, and the beauty of their path—they will find their way, do not trouble yourselves to worry they will not!

For all ways lead upward, as you would say. All paths lead toward the Light, toward realizing the need for and the reality of mercy, compassion, of Love and of Peace, finally—Peace on all levels, in all forms of expression. So that Joy can be felt and believed in as a living entity, not a foreign idea, compartmentalized to certain moments of life, but not all of it.

There is great Joy here, for all of you. You must believe that now. Turn from the lies and the illusion.

Turn off the news report—they are telling you such a small part of the story, that they are liars without perhaps always intending to be.

Anyone telling you now that you are not headed on a steady path straight into Light and Enlightenment, Joy and fulfillment, has lost their way or has no interest in finding it.

Give them the time they need to come round to the Truth, and release their viewpoint. Nor need you force your realizations on others, and feel angry that they cannot see what you see.

Yes, there has been and is great injustice. But those times are ending for those who choose them to end.

You are never “victims”—that is the greatest lie of all. You are Creators, do you see?

You are Creators of this Universe, and the Universe is ascending, and Earth and all her glory with it! Do you see that this is now your time to dance, to celebrate and sing?

And so you must, dear friends. That is your job, your “mandate”—to be Joyful.

We hold great Love and Light for you—know that you are never alone.



Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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