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Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – July 27, 2014

The latest update from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective.


CR: My friends, there’s a lot of trouble going on in the world—terrible fighting going on in Israel and Palestine that is intentionally targeting civilians, particularly women and children. And a plane shot out of the sky over the Ukraine, for which Putin is being blamed, as well as other events, such as great contention over the Central American refugee children who have come to the States.

It looks as if the power crowd are insisting on several things: punishing the BRICS countries for starting their own bank, punishing Obama and Putin, and another world war, for the usual reasons: war profiteering and depopulation. Are they also trying hard now to stop NESARA law from being enacted?


Greetings, dear friends! Our writer has hit on several interesting points, which we will try to elucidate for you.

The BRICS alliance is just a slight foreshadowing, a small (yet not small, symbolically) signal that your world’s economic power no longer lies solely in the hands of a few self-appointed dictators.

They are receiving a storm of resistance and sabotage, created to look not at all like what it truly is.

You are correct that they are trying to unseat Putin, who for all his faults, nevertheless has not bowed to the cabal, at least not on all matters, for some time. Neither is your US president bowing to them, and lives daily under great threat as a result. 

You note the storm of controversy and smear campaigning that follow both gentlemen. We do not deify either (particularly Putin, who has acted in ways severely challenging to those engaged in human rights in the past).

We merely say that they are not playing the puppet role assigned to world leaders for so many centuries, and that has created two situations: Earth Swirls

For one, the cabal-owned and -run press has long vilified any leader not showing obedience to them and not yet assassinated or replaced in some way.

For another, your world is undergoing great changes—what we would call physiological changes. Your Earth is shifting rapidly to accommodate the requirements of Her ascension.

There are cabal operations no longer possible that once were possible, due to this ascension into a higher dimension.

This both obstructs and confounds the cabal’s undertakings.

They are well used to issuing orders to their minions, particularly in the world’s major banking cartels and the Vatican (to whom nearly all governments answer, in one way or another), and used to seeing those orders carried out, unquestioningly.

This very old, very corrupt system of kowtowing to the powerful is now falling apart at the seams.

And so you will see the old tricks pulled—the large mercenary corporations, the manufactured “terrorist” groups aiming missiles, drones and fighter jets they could not possibly have paid for without cabal/first world government money, at innocent civilians.

This is done merely to increase the level of horror and tragedy, and to decrease the Earth’s emotional vibration, in a vain attempt to lower her overall resonance, and keep Her from ascending.

Great Cloud - MED

This is not a new trick. It is a very old obsession. Surround people with war and the death and devastation that it brings, and you have them.

They are at your mercy, begging for military intervention from some Big Brother to cease these tragedies—which in turn merely keeps the wheels of war turning for many years, even decades.

These tricks were tried and true for millennia, but they are failing now, colossally.

Greatly due to your internet system of alternative media, people are now far less willing to believe the lies that they once swore by and abided by as absolute truth—the Us/Them duality that humankind once lived by for many centuries is now fading.

You have previously lived, in the time of Atlantis, Lemuria, and other fifth- and sixth-dimensional civilizations, without these lies—they could not have survived in those frequencies, until they fell to the lie and deception that is Fear.

Now you are moving into a new epoch, a time of living at peace and celebrating the indigenous ways, the ancient ways which though seemingly stamped out, have never been lost, as they have been preserved in the soul families of those who most revered them.

And so they will return to the Earth, now that She is fully ascending physically (She has already ascended on a soul level).

They will return, the ways of the healers, the transcenders, the poets and seers, the great scientists and philosophers, the great artisans and musicians, all of their ways thought lost and forgotten. They could never be forgotten!

Your Mother the Earth has remembered. Even if your Earthly races (for you come from many different star systems) have seemingly forgotten, She and her accompanying soul groups have not.

Everything In the Universe is From Within You - MED

So we would agree with our writer friend, that these are scare tactics, scattered forms of punishment, threat and bait to engage the world’s greater military powers into yet another useless cost of life and finance.

Put up a hand inwardly, and say, “Enough. We have had enough of your lies. They no longer work on us. You need to leave our planet now. We are healing Her, and healing one another. We have no place, no time for you. There is no time. All times are Now, and we are quickly reclaiming our true, abundant, peaceful, eternal natures as Light Beings. We are reclaiming our lives, and our planet. Your time is done.”

Regarding NESARA Law, the time has come, as you know—Mother Sekhmet has been clear that further delay will not be permitted. However the timing in terms of Earth’s movement within your universe must be correct, so that all tides flow in the proper direction for that event.

And so the next window will occur in December of this year.

Hold it to be true in your hearts, and celebrate it as real now, so that it may manifest without encumbrance, with all obstacles and resistance dissolved.

For it is not down to your president merely, to come forward and make this announcement. He is more than ready to do so.

It is a question of those who turn the wheels militarily (including formal ET contact) in your Pentagon, and several key political leaders within your system, connected to them.

Worry not regarding the Galactic Federation or Intergalactic Councils—we are with you, and ready for contact, when your moment arrives.

And so it is!

Namaste, dearest ones. We are with you.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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