Ascension Times

Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – September 11, 2014

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective.


Greetings, friends and fellow followers of the Light—components of Universal Light would be a more apt description! You are aware of many changes occurring now on the Earth plane, and we are also highly aware.

For from where we stand, on the ships and in the etheric planes all around Earth and throughout the galaxy, we are observing great shifts in energy and in the actual chemical composition of the Earth Herself.

And we note great changes in all of you as well—your hearts and minds, your physical being, your etheric body and higher mind, and your comprehension of who you are, as you seek to join galactic citizenry and claim your place amongst us.



Perhaps some days the old fears creep in—that there is not enough money, enough time or enough resources of one kind or another, to fully break Earth and Her peoples free from the locked-in imprisonment you have suffered for millennia.

Perhaps in your own lives, you feel there is not enough of this or that, or that the leadership on your planet is such that they will not summon the bravery in a large enough way, at the right time, to bring you to your point of regained sovereignty and freedom from the prisons you have been laboring in for so long.

Remember that it is not only due to human behaviors that your planet is now experiencing both political/economic liberation and physical and energetic Ascension.

It is not due only to the changing of one guard or another, that NESARA Law will become a reality and not only a hoped-for phantom, unattainable and forever off on the horizon somewhere.

These changes are occurring now (though you do not see them fully yet) because of the declarations, determinations, prophecies, astrological shifts and evolvements of many throughout this Universe.

There are the deliberate movements and declarations of Ascended Masters, of the angelic realm, of the Divine Mother Herself, and of all who support these, including those who now work with and within the Galactic Federation.

All of us on the ships and those in the etheric realms (who can and do at times take on physical form, but who unlike us, are not nearly always embodied) are actively working to awaken the consciousness of all on Earth.

This includes the plants, animals, oceans, trees, mountains, and the Great Crystals that live in the center of the Earth, who are now emitting a powerful energetic charge and messages to your underlying consciousness, that change is possible and that your Higher Selves are indeed able to connect with your Earth consciousness.

Green Steps in Forest

Much has changed, and much is still changing, and you know this to be true.

And so determinations, small and fleeting though they may be, that things are moving too slowly, that “perhaps I will not evolve, and will not Ascend on time,” or that you have in any way been abandoned by those who hold you in the highest esteem and with the greatest love, as the most loyal and kind mother looks after her child—those scarcity-based moments must be allowed to come and ago without comment, and without emotional investment on your part.

Release them as soon as they occur. We will not dwell here on the machinations of the dark ones, who are still attempting to broadcast the lower and disruptive frequencies that break communication between your fifth and higher chakras and your Higher Self.

For their efforts are utterly foolish and wasted, and they increasingly are coming to realize this.

Yes, they long ago commandeered your religions and your communication channels—but do you notice how in many countries, there is increasing accountability being demanded from those in “authority” (an illusion) by those not in “authority”?

Do you note how in England those in media and government who have exploited and harmed children are being called into account?

You cannot know yet the full outcome of those investigations and discussions, either in that country or in many others, but they will stun you when all is finally revealed.

You know these revelations to have been unthinkable on such a scale, even 10 years ago, and yet now they are occurring openly.

And yes, today is the day that 13 years ago, many thousands (more than was reported) chose to leave the Earth as a soul group, who suffered physically the fate of a great conspiracy and “black ops” scheme as you term them.

Shooting Stars - Photo by Matt Payne - MED

Photo by Matt Payne

But we would ask that you not tolerate any reawakening of the sadness and shock of that moment or that day.

We would ask that you rejoice that such a thing will never again be permitted on your Earth, that war is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, that even in the United States, where gun violence is world-renown, violent crime has been steadily decreasing for several decades, and is soon to fade away completely.

You saw the US president yesterday announcing the formation of a coalition of countries that will face down this newly manufactured “terrorist threat” in the Middle East. Know that his message carried significant codes and silent and powerful messages to the cabal, that their machinations and threats to peace and all human life will no longer be tolerated, in any form.

Believe now in the power of peace, in the power of the beauty of your own souls, of the soul groups and galactic missions that you came here to live within and to accomplish great things in.

And remember the glory of the Light that is within you—the Light that is you, and to rejoice, as cooler days flow in to part of the world, and warmer days to the other half of the world.

Rejoice in the change of the seasons, for you are witnessing now the greatest “change of season” with this new astrological age, that has ever occurred.

Namaste! Know that we love and believe in you, and are with you always.


Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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