Ascension Times

Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – January 23, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers and all those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective.

Greetings, friends and fellow journeyers on the Ascension path!

We are many, yet we are One—of one heart, mind and purpose on this Universal and Earthly Ascension road, though the individual journeys may vary in form and color.

And as we are One, we celebrate with you this new year and all it may bring.

For there is much occurring now in your government and in your social pathways, your educational, medical and media pathways, and in how those of your planet do their business and create their money, and even in how they measure and value their lives.

It is difficult to see in some ways how this progress could be measured, when it would appear that the opposition to justice and peace and prosperity seems to be gathering its forces, determined to impart war, determined to impart injustice and the bizarre haphazard strings of events from which people conclude that Earth is not a good nor a safe place to be.

And yet—we see great change unfolding, as do you.

We see your US president standing so straight and tall as he assures his people (and the world) that the good of the planet is being enacted and protected and put forth in ever-widening measures.

(Though he seems only to be commenting on his own country, you must know he speaks to a greater human pathway).

And this is far more than a matter of, “We passed this rule last year, or that new measure last week.”

It is to do with the entire feel of what it is to be a human being on this planet—to know and to grasp that humanity is increasingly taking its own path, its own daily walk upon the Earth with more confidence, with great determination to decide its own “fate.”

To decide that its courts will uphold justice, that its children will breathe clean air and eat pure foods, that its workers will be paid a positive and prosperous wage, that its leaders will guard and guide its people in ways that are of the Light, not the dark.

Bottle by the Sea


You may note that that word “Light” we always capitalize, yet never capitalize the word “dark.”

And that is because the shadows that are a part of the dark are simply a form of finding one’s way to the Light.

The two have never been equal, even in the midst of the ugliest periods of human history—and there are several periods on your timelines vying for that title.

Understand that though the dark ones once ruled your planet with an iron fist, they do no longer.

This is why you see more good news and positive, heart-based content in your media, despite the constant assertion of the crumbling regime that only bad things are happening, and that there is great cause for panic.

If you could see the meetings and negotiations now being held behind closed doors, could understand how close you are to Earth- and Universe-changing events, you would no longer worry that you are late with the rent or mortgage payment, or that war may break out yet again in this region or that.

You would laugh at the idea that fear or stress or memories of a painful past have anything to do with your day.

You would be celebrating, or spending time out in Nature at every spare moment, walking or looking at the stars at night, asking to see a ship or two, and thanking those constellations whose movements are aiding Earth’s increasing arrival into the great Light and higher frequencies of the Central Sun.

You may imagine an entire symphony, long tuning up its instruments, and now beginning to play the opening strains of the most unimaginably beautiful, life-celebrating tune that you have ever heard—and never heard while in your waking moments of an Earth life.

Boy Looking at Stars - MED

Yes, it is difficult to wait until news breaks that the great changeover has occurred.

Our writer reminds us often that “soon” is not a word she would like to hear from us or any fifth- or sixth-dimensional or higher source, ever again.

And it is true that the moment of NESARA’s enactment was scheduled to occur years ago, and has several times been delayed, to the great consternation of all of us who watch and see what you suffer on your beautiful yet beleaguered planet.

And so we would ask you to look not with your left-brain, news-watching capabilities, so much as with your heart.

Feel in your instincts and intuition how close you are (how close we are to you all!), and know that the Light is only increasing, that the moment of When has been taken out of the hands of those who have long assumed it to be their province and their decision to make—it is not.

Remain at peace if you hear of some event or army creating havoc here or there.

Ignore the “market fluctuations” and forget the chatter of whether the economy is doing well or headed for disaster again.

Ignore all of these third-dimensional negative-news-slant forms, and take on your already-growing fifth-dimensional stance.

Take up your fifth-dimensional outlook, which waits for you as a great cloak of Light and color waits to be donned for a great occasion.

Take it up and wear it from within, and know that you are already there, with your beautiful Lady Gaia.

Already in the fifth dimension, already healing yourself of illness or injury, already healing your relationships and your homes, already experiencing great abundance, and the peace and prosperity that some would have you believe is always an outer condition.

For indeed, it is an inner condition before it is anything else.

And though some may call you mad or say you’ve “lost it,” we would as we always do, encourage you to celebrate and to take on that life you came here to live—one of the next higher dimension, which calls to you every moment.

It waits and expects that you should live by the heart, and with an inner sense of all that you are already able to do—to heal, to communicate telepathically, to be aware of and speak with the faery and angelic realms, to honor children and the elderly as they are meant to be honored.

To experience peace and prosperity from within—to know that there is nothing more valuable than the beauty of nature, of pure water to drink, pure food to eat, and pure air to breathe (made pure by blessing, if nothing else).

Cloud Angel

To know the peace that comes with calming and quieting the mind and awaiting wisdom and guidance from your guides, releasing the need to seek outer validation or impetus before you act.

There is the treasure trove you have waited for, and much else besides—it waits for you.

And so, will you claim it now? We await you.

Namaste! You have much to be joyful for—and we are here, celebrating with you.


Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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