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A Message to Lightworkers – April 10, 2015

This week, the Collective asked that I share a chapter from a new book I’ve channeled from them, The Ascension Manual.

This will be the first book in a new series, to support us as we transition from third to fifth dimensional living.

As in all their channelings, each chapter carries a special energy gift from these fifth and sixth dimensional beings, as well their wisdom and guidance on Ascension and everyday issues, such as:

  • Money and Abundance
  • Relationships
  • Food and Eating
  • Manifesting What You Desire
  • Releasing Third Dimensional Emotions
  • Other important Ascension and life issues


Available in the Kindle Store April 22


Ascension Manual Cover - MED


The Ascension Manual: A Lightworker’s Guide to Fifth Dimensional Living

Chapter 6: On Releasing Third Dimensional Relationship Forms

It will not surprise you to hear that many of the relationships you have been used to over the years—some as friends, others as co-workers or neighbors, and others as family members or a romantic partner—will not suit or match your new, more powerful, and higher vibration.

This is causing some consternation among Lightworkers. They have noticed that old friends, and even some not so old friendships, are fading, dissolving, or walking out the door, with a bang.

You may feel blamed at times in these relationships. Your friend, colleague, or loved one may claim that you have changed, that your outlook is too this or too that. That you are “too out there” or gone mad, asking too much or too little of life.

Understand that this is natural and normal for those who are ascending. It is not a question so much of what you should or should not have done or been for anyone.

It is a question of who and what you are now, to your soul, your Divine Self, to those of your spirit and space families who are lovingly calling to you now and asking you to remember who they are, and your joyful place among them.

You may feel at times, as you release current relationships or they release you, that you have done something wrong, or have not served the relationship as you should have done. Or you may feel hard done by, and misunderstood or underappreciated.


This is natural and normal. Your vibration is such now that there is no mistaking who you are. 

Increasingly now, with every passing day, your Light grows ever brighter and your mission in life ever clearer. It is becoming increasingly harder for you to say, be or do anything that is not a genuine reflection of your higher self.

You are increasingly aware of those people, places, situations, and even objects which no longer serve you or in fact are an impediment to who you are becoming—a Light Being, and a fifth-dimensional source of Light and Love in the Universe.

And so, what to do with these lost relationships? With the memory of loving someone who no longer believes in you, wants to spend time with you, or is sympathetic to your life journey? And what to do with those whom you have released?

The realization that though someone may still care for or about you, you are existing at an entirely different level than they are, and that the clash in outlooks and frequencies is too much; the misunderstanding of your views and your energy stands out against theirs in ways that force you to realize, “I must let go of this.”

Certainly there is little that is more jarring than the loss of a loved one. Death is a difficult subject for nearly everyone (though in fact, there is no “death,” only a removal from one plane to another, and a return to spirit—but that is another discussion for another day).

And the death of a relationship that was once precious and a natural part of everyday life is a shock to the system.

And yet, you have done this many times before. You left many whom you loved and whose presence in your life you daily celebrated, when you chose to return to third dimensional physical form and live yet another Earth life. 

Ship Cloaked in Cloud - April 2014 - Road from Tralee to Cloghane Castlegregory, Co Kerry, Ireland

Ship Cloaked in Cloud – Road to Cloghane Castlegregory,  Co Kerry, Ireland, April 2014


You left much joy, beauty, ease, and peacefulness, full of vibrant health and self-expression, to take on the difficult, steep path and painful day-to-day existence of life on Earth, before She has fully returned to Divine governance.

You have in fact done many things more courageous than leave a romantic partner who is no longer right for you, or leave a job that you have outgrown and that no longer suits your life path.

You have managed many more feats than releasing friends and colleagues, even homes, towns, and familiar sights that are no longer vibrating in resonance with who you have become and are becoming.

These are a sign of life, these changes. They are a sign that you are choosing to vibrate at a higher level consciously and openly, not quietly and “secretly.” Now is a time to celebrate your growth, not deny yourself the joy and expression of it.

You are not abandoning your loved ones (nor they you) so much as accepting a higher form of self-expression, and openly celebrating that which you have become, over that which you once were.

No one has the right to keep you small, to insist that you not change or take on new information, new areas of fascination and growth, or to compartmentalize your spiritual interests and growth in ways that do not inconvenience them.

Of course, for those raising children, it is not always possible to leave a home immediately. There are financial aspects to most partnered relationships, and raising a child is a costly venture in your world, pre-NESARA enactment.

Child with Bear

But lines must be drawn, and respect must be required, by all Lightworkers, for who you are and what you have become, and what you must do in the world. When you are ready, you will move on, and you will find yourself in a situation that vibrates on a level that matches who you are.

Again, we advocate as always, speaking with your guides, even if you do not feel or hear your questions or discussion answered immediately. Continue to ask, What should I do, and how should I do it? and continue to listen for the answer. Allow it to come in several different ways, in its own time.

Your path is clear. You know who you are. You have been waking up now for some time, and can no longer deny or hide that identity. It is yours to live and to live out fully.

Some friends and family will be accepting of your new beliefs, and new increasingly higher frequency, and some will need to step away and release you, as the Light you carry illuminates parts of their hearts and minds they are not yet ready to transform.

Allow this—allow all. Allow others to make their judgments without feeling the need to comment on or disallow their ideas and feelings.

If they do not like or accept who you have become, you will need to be open with yourself, that this friend, colleague, or loved one is no longer right for the path you are on. Most will leave of their own accord, but some you will naturally step away from.

As you do this, new friends and connections will begin to come into your life, as well as a greater connection with your twin flame, and take up the places that were formerly taken by those no longer in resonance with your new, higher frequency.

Forest Portal - from Faerie Magazine

Forest Portal – from Faerie Magazine

Allow all. You are not only eating and drinking more healthfully—organic foods that are from the Earth, not a factory—you are also accepting more “organic” and soul-grown relationships into your life, in perfect time and way.

All is as it should be. You can release without sadness, without bitterness, and without a great feeling of loss. 

Most of the people no longer belonging in your life have had a pulling-down effect on your energy, and after the initial shock of having to release them, you will notice that you feel far lighter and more in the mood to celebrate who you are, and are becoming.

You are not alone in any of this. Ask for guidance from your guides and angelic guardians, from Source, from the Ascended Masters and the Archangels—from whatever Higher Beings you choose—and you shall receive it at any moment, in all ways.


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Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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