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Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – Nov. 23, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

For many, this is a time of approaching holidays and time with family or community.

A time of taking stock of the events and important moments of the past year, with dreams and hopeful thoughts for what may occur in the next year.

Amidst our blessings for a joyful holiday time, whatever that may mean for you, we would ask, that among your dreams for this next year, you include full Disclosure of the Galactic presence.

You are “within range” of this occurring in the next year, along with the full enactment of NESARA law.

Though we have often mentioned these two aspects of your increasingly fifth dimensional Earth life, we mention them again now, as you are again entering a new window of potential for these to occur fully, though they have been unfolding in quiet ways for many months now.


You are not only being guided by those of us in the Intergalactic Confederation.

You are also constantly watched over and sent healing, empowering, enlightening energies—now more than at any time since the fall of Atlantis—by numerous Angelic circles who are surrounding the Earth and singing in tones of high resonance that is Love Itself.

These tones contain the sorts of frequencies that awaken those willing to become awakened, and that open doors in human consciousness that in turn open doors within the Earth’s social, economic, and political structures.

There are additionally new waves of Galactics arriving, who are aiding Earth by helping to dismantle the old energy technologies long ago put in place by the old power structure, in an effort to keep your consciousness low and disempowered.

We ask now that you daily envision NESARA fully enacted, and Disclosure fully occurring.

Hold also in your hearts the image of the Violet Flame of St Germaine enveloping the Earth, as often as possible throughout the day.

Not only because these will bring great movements forward in terms of human awareness, human rights, and astounding economic and political renewal and reform, though these are powerfully significant.

But because your own consciousness is requiring these changes, as expressions of your ongoing forward and upward movement in this Universe, which is also evolving and Ascending.


You have asked us, in your own etheric travels and your times speaking with us and those whom we serve with, to encourage these historic events.

Not only for the outer changes they will bring, but for the Love, Light, and higher awareness that must naturally accompany them.

And so we ask, at this time when so many will be having a special day and special meal of giving Thanks, that you thank your higher selves and souls, who require this great change now to occur upon the Earth.

Not only for the resulting reforms and economic and social justice that will result.

But for the mass awakening that their unveiling will signify.

Like a great snowball gathering speed and volume as it races down the hill, so will the amount of celebration, Love, and Unity around the planet grow exponentially, even in the moment that these are formally announced.

So envision that moment often, and feel deeply the joy and elation you will experience in that moment—and yes, give Thanks!


For in your hearts, in your dreams of what is and what will be—this is already your Truth. This has already occurred.

Know and believe this, for it is your own creation.

Namaste! We give thanks for your courage, your consciousness, and the ongoing beauty of your Earth lives.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Dutch translation: 

Bericht aan Lichtwerkers – 23 november 2016

Het Collectief, via Caroline Oceana Ryan – 

De meest recente leidraad voor Lichtwerkers, van onze vrienden: de 5D en 6D-Wezens die bekend staan als het Collectief.

Gegroet, vrienden!

Wij zijn weer blij met deze kans om vandaag met u te spreken.

Voor velen breekt de tijd van feestelijkheden aan met familie en vrienden. Het is een tijd van reflectie over de belangrijke gebeurtenissen en momenten van het afgelopen jaar, maar ook met dromen en hoopvolle gedachten over wat er kan gebeuren in het volgende jaar.

Tussen al onze zegeneningen voor een vreugdevolle feesttijd – wat dat nu ook mag betekenen voor u – zouden we u willen vragen, dat tussen de dromen voor het volgende jaar, u ook de volledige Disclosure van de Galatische aanwezigheid hierin omvat. Dit gebeuren èn de volledige inwerkingtreding van de NESARA-wet is ‘binnen bereik’ in het komende jaar.

Ook al hebben we deze twee aspecten van uw toenemende 5D-Aardeleven dikwijls vermeld, vermelden we dit nu opnieuw. U betreedt opnieuw een moment met nieuwe mogelijkheden zodat dit gebeuren volledig kan plaatsvinden, ook al is dit gebeuren zich stilletjes en gedurende vele maanden aan het ontvouwen.

U wordt niet alleen begeleid door ons hier in de Intergalactische Confederatie. Er wordt – nu meer dan ooit sinds de val van Atlantis – voortdurend over u gewaakt, healing en bekrachtigende en verlichtende energieën gezonden door ontelbare Engelachtige groepen die de Aarde omringen en die op Hoge Frequentie-tonen zingen, die de Liefde Zelf zijn.

Deze tonen bevatten die specifieke frequenties die zij die willen ontwaken wakker maken, en die deuren openen in het menselijk bewustzijn dat op haar beurt de deuren opent in de sociale-, economische- en politieke structuren op Aarde.

Er komen bovendien nieuwe Golven van Galactischen aan, die de Aarde bijstaan om haar te helpen bij het ontmantelen van de oude energie-technologieën, die lang geleden geplaatst werden door de oude krachten-structuren, in een poging om uw bewustzijn laag en machteloos te houden.

We vragen nu dat u dagelijks de volledig in werking gestelde NESARA visualiseert, en de volledige Disclosure. Houd in uw hart – elke dag of zo dikwijls u kunt – ook het beeld van de Violette Vlam van St. Germain die de Aarde omwikkelt.


About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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