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Message to Lightworkers – Mar 4, 2016

An Excerpt from The Ascension Manual – Part Two

From Chapter 1, “On Life on the New Earth”

Please tell us more about the New Earth. The social changes, political changes, monetary changes, replicators, free energy, healing the Earth—you name it!

 [The Collective] First understand that the New Earth is here now, all around you, revealing itself each day with increasing power and visibility.

So that the shifts and events you refer to, from social changes to healing the Earth, are already beginning to occur.

Miraculous shifts and transformations are becoming a natural part of your day. And though it may take some time to realize them fully, you are already intuitively aware of much that is occurring, and much that shall occur within the next few years.

Regarding free energy, you may have been aware of the introduction, in October 2015, of the free energy devices (plasma reactors) designed and constructed by Dr. MT Keshe of the Keshe Foundation.

Most assuredly, free energy devices have existed prior to this time (since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria); you will have heard of the discoveries and inventions of Nikola Tesla, for one, though others (mainly unknown) preceded him.


Similar to Tesla, Dr. Keshe and his team have also met with resistance and suppression of ideas from the old, quickly dissolving power structure, which has long profited immensely from the sale of fossil fuels all over the planet.

Yet unlike Tesla and many others since, Dr. Keshe’s ideas will not be suppressed, nor will he or his facilities be destroyed.

He has not only Galactic protection, but an Angelic force watching over him and his team at all times.

The tide has shifted, and free energy will now increasingly become available for all.


The blueprints to the Keshe MaGrav Power Unit have been released to the world through the website, freely available to anyone.

The open sharing of this information is one more indication of how unity is to be expressed in the New Earth.

For in this new world you are building, you are no longer in competition with one another, nor is profit the main motive behind creating and disseminating new technologies.

The dissemination of replicators that create food and pure, structured water will reach the world in much the same way.

The information will be shared, not held in a secretive manner and then released at greatly inflated cost to “consumers.”

For you are moving out of the position of being used as consumers and worker drones. You are increasingly taking up your roles as healers, helpers, growers, inventors, community members, and contributors—citizens—of the Earth.

And She holds much, connected to the vast resources of this Universe, that you may draw upon without worries of whether the substances drawn upon are renewable or not, or available to everyone everywhere.

The essence of the new technologies is that they draw upon the most basic energies of the Universe itself, not upon that which has been called a resource, renewable or otherwise.

And so you will witness healing technologies that not only actually heal persons, but do not run on any power source that requires a battery, electrical generator, or power station, nor even a fast-moving river or wind.

The essence of free energy is that though (currently) the device must be purchased by its users, the energy itself need not be.

The plasma energy drawn from these devices is self-creating and self-producing, and easily adapted to any number of applications in every area of life, whether in home, business, school, hospital, or any other public or private setting.

You speak of healing the Earth, and this is a powerfully vital point, central to the fifth dimensional view of life.

For you cannot continue to harm the One who houses and holds and nurtures you at every moment, and much healing is required to return your beautiful planet to Her rightful form of health and purity.

Most assuredly, you are able to do such.

It requires that all excavations of any kind—drilling, digging, fracking, and all other disturbances to Her being, including pollutions of all kinds—be ceased completely, for all time.

It then requires a purification of Her air, waters, ground, and atmosphere, and a renewal and replenishing of those resources long stolen from Her.

The healing you speak of can indeed be aided with technologies now being created upon the Earth, and technologies long used by your Galactic families to purify and protect Earth and other planets.
This process has already begun.

Yet for the population at large, it also requires a great shift in consciousness, one which views your planet as a living and breathing entity, and not an insensible object that has no thought, no feeling, and no soul.

For your Earth has a great and powerful soul, and She has long been at pains to express to you all on a soul level.

And so greet your Mother the Earth each time you open your door in the morning. Tell Her, “Good morning, Mother! We bless and thank You for all You give us!”

For this is a great and forgiving being, full of Love for all who live in and upon Her.

(For there is an entire civilization living within what is called Agartha or Inner Earth—various civilizations interconnected through roads, tunnels, and caves, and etheric and Lightbody travel.)

The Great Crystals at Earth’s center and the energy grid that extends out from them are asking you now, in your waking hours and your physical sleeping hours, to extend the particular form and frequency of Light from your souls and higher selves that is used in healing.

Combined with the sacred Violet Flame of St. Germain, this Light will aid in lifting Earth’s vibration from that of a battled-scarred, much-exploited entity to Her former—and new and higher—glory, so that she is again a planet of natural beauty, purity, sanctity, and joyful bounty.


You need look nowhere else in this Universe (though you may wish to), for the abundance that is Earth’s beauty, health, nutritious gifts, and joy of discovery.

This is yours to claim and enjoy and glory in.

Yet it is not yours to harm, but to support, honor, and nurture.

Envision each day the Violet Flame of St. Germain, that perfect combination of the rose of the Divine Feminine and the sky blue of the Divine Masculine, and see that Flame blazing in and upon the Earth, purifying Her of all lower energetic frequencies, as it also purges and purifies Her of all pollutants.

This includes radiation, and the very low-density energy transmissions created specifically to hold Earth and humanity back from reaching the higher third dimension, let alone fifth dimensional consciousness and empowerment.
For those who created these low and destructive energy transmissions are finding their devices are falling far short of the mark now.

There is an overriding set of frequencies coming to the Earth in great waves, some of which began in the late 1980s and earlier.

These have grown stronger over the past decade, particularly since December 2012, when the frequencies of the fifth dimension were indeed born upon the Earth in widespread ways unprecedented since the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.

From these astounding energies come the social and political changes you inquire about. For these human constructs cannot help but respond to the opening of new possibilities—the new ideas and newborn sense of empowerment and identification with the higher self that these energies are awakening in human beings.

All is changing now. Your music will change, for example. Popular music will begin to cease using destructive lyrics and energies, and incessant rhythms that do little more than hypnotize listeners so that their minds are all the more pliable to the hidden messages and social programming in music, film, television, and other media sources.

Instead of what has been called popular music for many decades, you will find millions tapping into the work of spiritually conscious artists, musicians, composers, and recording engineers.

You will find them intentionally employing certain beats, scales, embedded energies, lyrics, and tunes that lift the spirit to new heights, rather than embitter the spirit with tales of loss, anger, and defeat.

The tuning of music itself will revert to its correct tuning, which is in perfect accord with the Earth’s own vibrations. Tuning in Western music (and therefore, most music disseminated around the world) was changed in the twentieth century to A=440 Hertz, an intentionally lower frequency than the A=432 Hertz that Western music had been tuned to for centuries.



The A=440 tuning was imposed by the old power structure because it is a tuning that is dissonant with Nature and the Earth Herself. This was one more ploy to disengage humankind from the Earth, and from humanity’s higher mind/intuitive understanding of the Universe.

A=440, particularly in the context of the hypnotically repetitive beats and angry or disillusioned lyrics long required by the music industry, has had a negative effect on listeners, no matter how upbeat or positive the tune itself may seem to be.

Over time, societies that accidentally “prefer” dissonant or low vibrational sounds lose all sense of themselves, including their mental and emotional balance, their ability to get along together in reasonable and nonviolent ways, their ability to hear their own intuition, and to know when they are being lied to.

That is how effective these dissonant-with-the-Earth auditory vibrations can be in breaking down human resistance to being completely controlled.

There is already great indication that this tide is turning, for the sea of fifth dimensional energies the Earth and Her people are now afloat in are lifting even the modern music industry to heights unheard of . . . 


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan 

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from The Ascension Manual – Part Two: Creating a Fifth Dimensional Life
Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.




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