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The Ascension Manual – Part One

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The Ascension Manual – Part One
A Lightworker’s Guide to Fifth Dimensional Living


“From the moment I started reading The Ascension Manual – Part One, I just couldn’t put it down.

I was riveted by the Q&A style of writing, which creates an organized approach that helps the reader receive the guidance being shared on a deeper level.

I highly recommend for those who want a simple yet content-rich read that imparts wonderful wisdom to the reader.”

– Emmanuel Dagher, transformation specialist and bestselling author, Easy Breezy Miracle and Easy Breezy Prosperity

As unprecedented levels of Light and higher energies pour onto the planet, Lightworkers around the world are announcing the start of a Golden Age of peace, prosperity, and enlightenment.

Yet many on the ascension path report feeling tired, ill, sad, and discouraged.

Distressed by world events, they wonder how to fulfill their life mission, whether their families will ascend with them, how to make ends meet—and how to ascend.

Time for some higher wisdom and encouragement: The Ascension Manual – Part One is the first book in the bestselling Ascension Manual series — a collection of channeled guidance from the Collective, a group of Galactic and Angelic beings serving under the Ashtar Command.

This group of higher beings are dedicated to assisting Earth and humanity as we adjust to the Ascension energies now coming to Earth.

The series offers practical, wise, encouraging higher guidance, addressing everyday life issues as well as the challenges of Ascension itself.

Each chapter carries a special gift of Light and higher energies, to assist you in integrating the energies and process of Ascension, as well as whatever life challenges you’re facing now.

Absorb the Collective’s higher energies and encouraging wisdom and insight on areas such as:

  • Creating money and abundance
  • Dealing with life partner relationships
  • Dealing with food and eating issues
  • Manifesting what you desire
  • Releasing third dimensional thoughts and emotions
  • Releasing third dimensional outer forms


Praise for The Ascension Manual – Part One:

“This book is so awesome! I can’t put it down!

It answers So Many Questions we all have about Life, the Universe and everything!

 I highly recommend. As we are already in 5D, we had better figure out how the Universe works. It is from the HIGH HEART!”

– Rama Arjuna, BBS Radio Co-host, Hard News on Friday and The True History – 


“The Collective” debut a powerhouse of channeled guidance.

Helpful for anyone who’s struggled with the heavier aspects of this evolutionary process.

I look forward to Part Two.”

– Wes Annac, Editor,


The Ascension Manual comes at an important time in our journey, as so many are feeling more than a bit overwhelmed . . .

The readings resonate on an energetic level.

They offer a “nautical map” that intellectually makes sense, and actually helps to anchor the rising expansive energies.”

– Cathy Vansant, Lightworker

From Chapter 7
“On Releasing Third Dimensional Thoughts and Emotions”

[Question] It seems to be a whole area of challenge, to deal with memories of the past that bring up pain, anger or frustration.

It’s fine to say you want to release these old feelings, and that you intend to do so. But aren’t some of them from past lives, and some in our DNA?

Don’t we carry the experiences of our ancestors with us? For some people, that will mean the memory of being made to live as a slave, or seeing one’s ancestral lands taken away and home culture destroyed.

Earth’s centuries have seen countless injustices, from lynchings to village burnings to the ravages of war or sexism, racism and child abuse.

What are we to do with all the memories that are surfacing now? How do we draw our thoughts and emotions up to a higher level, and release all of the negativity and duality?

[The Collective] Indeed, Lightworkers are experiencing many old emotions and buried imprints, old patterns and trauma carried over from past lives on Earth and other planets, even other dimensions.

And this can feel to be an uphill path many days, the releasing of old feelings and emotions, old reactions and mental/emotional patterns that seem to be logical to one’s internal mental reasoning, considering those past experiences, but which need to be released nevertheless.

You will have days, in the Ascension process, in which you feel old emotions rising to the surface. Sometimes anger, sometimes grief or feelings of loss.

Sometimes anxiety or simply strong reaction to some outer trigger, as it reminds you on a cellular, subconscious level, of a trauma experienced once in another time and place, which has nevertheless imprinted itself in your etheric body so that now that you are again in physical Earthly form, that trauma and reaction reassert themselves as being true, even for this life.

This is the basis for many so-called “irrational” fears and phobias—fears and anxiety about certain places, objects, or experiences which in this life have never posed a problem, yet which present a reaction as if they had once been a very serious problem indeed.

We would say, that though these experiences feel still to be very real, your engagement with them has ended.

You need not feel that you must wrestle with these feelings and reactions, nor purge them as negative and unwanted. The shock and pain of experiences of the past are leaving your body and your consciousness, as more Light pours into the planet and into every cell of your being.

You may wish to accelerate and aid this process, which will in turn aid your Ascension.

Everything that aids your development spiritually—whatever raises your level of consciousness, or helps you to identify how energy moves and transforms, and increases your connection to the Earth and to your soul path—all of this will aid you in releasing the effects and traumas of past lives and this Earth life as well.

This is less to do with releasing the negativity of these particular situations, horrible though they were, as it is to do with transmuting those and all other energies.

And this is the essence of the Ascension process.

It is a raising up of conscious and unconscious awareness, of the very material of which you are made on all levels, which comes down to energy, in every case.

It is the essential process of moving from one dimension to another, and you have previously done this in other lives or on other planets, or you would not be doing it now—you would not have been permitted to have come forward at this time.

And so you are not only aiding your own Ascension, but that of the entire planet—Her background and her present. Her physical structure and her hidden, innate energetic memory.

There is memory in water, Dr. Emoto found, and there is of course memory in rocks and minerals as well, even in particles of the gaseous mixtures that make up the air.

There is no getting away from the imprint of experiences.

But one can transmute the energetic imprint to bring it to a higher level, one in which the individual memory cells become aware of themselves and what they have experienced, rather than remaining in the unconscious throes of the experience itself . . .

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan 

from The Ascension Manual – Part Two: Creating a Fifth Dimensional Life
Ascension Times Publishing – All rights reserved.



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The Ascension Manual series

Down-to-Earth guidance and support for the millions of
Lightworkers creating fifth dimensional lives


About the Author

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.


About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

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