Ascension Times

Ascension Times

Fifth Dimensional Living Series

Guided Meditations

Living Your Life Purpose with Joy and EaseRainbow

This is a beautiful journey with the Collective and your “support team”—your guides, Angels, and higher self. You’ll receive their empowering higher energies as you: 

  • Work with your life purpose as energy
  • Absorb the ideas, vibrations, and inner knowing needed to help you fulfill your life purpose
  • Bring your energy to a higher level, so that you can more and more often act, think, feel, and speak as your higher self

Step up to being a powerful co-Creator, and start living your ideal life.

Music by Thaddeus, channeled by Sanaya Roman of

5D01 – Living Your Life Purpose with Joy and Ease
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download: US$11.00
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The Life Purpose Declaration: An Affirmation of Joy and Fulfillment

The time has come to remember Who you really are, and why you are here.

As with the other declaration/affirmations, this prayer of command is meant to be spoken aloud, with 13254212_10156939955245274_8946199787345888153_nauthority, several times a week (or daily, for maximum benefit).

Use this declaration to express clear intent to create your life purpose, using these words of command, backed by the empowering energies of the Collective’s Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Your life purpose is one of the most powerful reasons why you are on the planet at this time.

Tap into Divine Wisdom and Divine Clarity—come into perfect vibrational resonance with your life purpose, so you can live it out joyfully.

This prayer of command comes with an MP3 recording full of higher energies, to help you command forth all the tools, resources, and inner knowing you require to live out your inner mission.

5D01B – Life Purpose Declaration
Individual Declaration – MP3 and PDF Downloads: US$20.00

“I’ve been listening to the meditations every day, and have also taken on board the advice that was given to me on the [group] call.


I have experienced huge shifts since buying your program, and feel it has been most beneficial!”


– Ruth, England

Revising Your Life Blueprint

This is your point of power for revising your life!   1361002048769964612

Release the struggles you have experienced with the parts of your life that haven’t responded to other spiritual methods and clearings.

In this transformational journey, you’ll travel with the Collective and your support team of guides, Angels, and higher self into the higher realms.

You’ll meet with your soul to absorb the wisdom, learning, and growth you were meant to gain from having challenges in this area.

Work with your higher self to:

  • Revise your life blueprint to release difficult lessons
  • Absorb the higher wisdom and understanding that these challenges were meant to bring you
  • Release future struggles or obstacles in this area, and open to feeling victorious and strong in that part of your life

5D01A – Revising Your Life Blueprint
Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Download: US$11.00


Becoming Your Fifth Dimensional Self

Cloud Ships In this journey, the Collective will lead you to experience fifth dimensional reality.

You’ll begin to experience fifth dimensional living, including:

  • A peaceful Earth that is full of abundance
  • Seeing your home in the fifth dimension
  • Meeting your future self fifth dimensional self, and absorbing their higher wisdom, blending with their personality and perspective

Absorb these powerful energies as they raise your vibration—you’ll be anchoring a fifth dimensional reality onto the Earth, as well as in your everyday life.

Music by Thaddeus, an Angelic Being channeled by Sanaya Roman of

5D02 – Becoming Your Fifth Dimensional Self
Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Download: US$11.00

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Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

Remember and reclaim your true self. Know the joy of finally being free to be your authentic self.

In this journey, you’ll travel to a higher dimension where you’ll meet Angels and Crystal Beings in a place of great 11817135_978952852166145_7850756902925079633_nhealing who will help you: 

  • Release and dissolve the energy blockages and false self you created to protect yourself from the disapproval of family or society
  • Absorb the energy of your true nature, passions, motivations, and life purpose
  • Open and activate your throat chakra and heart chakra, so that you are free to speak your truth from a place of freedom, security, and self-love

Reclaim your authentic self, and live as your true self now, joyfully and freely, without fear or apology.

Music by Thaddeus, an Angelic Being channeled by Sanaya Roman of

5D03 – Reclaiming Your Authentic Self
Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Download: US$11.00

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“I have gotten so much from doing your guided meditations for two months now.

My vibration is raising and I love it. Thank you!”

– Joe, Florida

The Energy Cleansing Declaration:
Releasing All That is No Longer for Your Higher Good

small waterfall in the morning

So many spend precious life energy struggling against or trying to heal or resolve situations in their past.

This powerful daily affirmation/declaration takes you through the energy process for freeing yourself of past relationships, experiences, commitments, objects, and all else that is no longer for your higher good.

Release all etheric connections to that which you no longer need — all energy connections that drain your life energy or lessen your joy and fulfillment.

This prayer of command calls on Higher Beings such as Archangel Michael, who uses his Sword of Truth to cut through all cords and attachments you have to the people, places, and events of your past that are no longer for your higher good.

Release the weight of old memories and emotional attachments. Live fully and freely in the present!

5D03A – Energy Cleansing Declaration
Individual Declaration – MP3 and PDF Downloads: US$20.00

Meeting Your Soul Family and Twin Flame

Girl with Camel

Meet your soul group—those who support you in your soul mission on the Earth.

These are the people who know and love you completely, and who are your true family, in the deepest sense.

Experience their presence, love, and support for you, as you: 

  • Receive the energies that reveal your and your soul family’s mission on the Earth
  • Receive energies from higher guides that help you recognize and connect with others in your soul group in your daily life
  • Connect energetically with other these Lightworkers whose passions, interests, and life purposes blend with your own
  • Release emotional attachments to relationships that have run their course
  • Open to accepting new relationships that are joyful and positive

You’ll also meet and speak with your Twin Flame, experiencing their loving presence and connecting with them in an open, conscious way.

Music by Thaddeus, an Angelic Being channeled by Sanaya Roman of

5D04 – Meeting Your Soul Family and Twin Flame
Individual Guided Meditation – MP3 Download: US$11.00

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The Complete Fifth Dimensional Living Series

Pebbles and Sun

Five Guided Meditations and two Declarations:

  • Living Your Life Purpose with Joy and Ease MP3 
  • Life Purpose Declaration MP3 & PDF
  • Revising Your Life Blueprint  MP3
  • Becoming Your Fifth Dimensional Self  MP3
  • Reclaiming Your Authentic Self  MP3
  • Energy Cleansing Declaration  MP3 & PDF
  • Meeting Your Soul Family and Twin Flame  MP3

5D05 – Fifth Dimensional Living Series – Meditation & Declaration Package MP3 & PDF Downloads: US$80.00


E-book: Listening to and Acting on Your IntuitionBall of LIght - MED

Discover the Collective’s steps for tapping into your intuition or heart-mind, so that you always make the wisest decisions, choosing only what is for your higher good.

Understand why it is vital to move your reasoning from your head to your heart, and why left-brain logic can’t compare to the power and insight of intuitive wisdom.

Includes Practical Steps that reveal easy ways to get immediate answers from your intuition—the voice of your higher self.
5DB01 – Listening to and Acting on Your Intuition
Individual e-book – PDF format – US$6.00
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Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of any guided meditation or e-book, I will immediately refund your money in full.


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