Ascension Times

Ascension Times

Healing and Meditation Series

All of these guided meditations and affirmations/commands/declarations have been channeled from the Collective:

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The Abundance series is here to support you in opening up to greater levels of abundance. 

Meditations and affirmations guide you to actively co-creating forms of abundance by working with energy, visualization, working with higher guides, and removing obstacles in your consciousness around giving, receiving, and creating.

The Fifth Dimensional Living series is here to support you in creating a fifth dimensional life.

Meditations guide you to connect powerfully with your life purpose, soul family, authentic self, future self, and many other aspects of New Earth living, including your fifth dimensional abilities.

The Self-Love and Self-Empowerment series is here to support you in tapping into the power of your soul, and all its gifts, abilities, and wisdom.

You will be working with the issues that are based on pure energy. The ones buried in your spirit or subconscious, or your DNA or inherent energy patterns.

You have the power to transform any part of your life that feels stuck at the moment.

But in order to dissolve energy blockages and old ways of thinking/feeling, you must lift your vibration in that area, as well as your overall vibration.

This is true self-empowerment.

You will work with the energy basis of a situation, supported by loving higher beings.

You will be guided to revise parts of your life that feel stuck, heal and lift up the smaller self who doesn’t have the higher vision for your life that you have, and lift and transmute the sting of old pain and trauma, absorbing the wisdom of those experiences while finally releasing the pain or shock of them.

You can live as your higher self—a calm, confident Being guided by by higher Love, including self-Love.

As powerful new Light codes pour into the Earth, Now is the time to free and transform every area of your life, starting from the deepest and most vibrationally relevant levels.






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