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Structured Water

The Natural Action Structured Water Unit

by Natural Action Technologies


Most of us worry about the quality of the water we drink — yet we need to drink as much as possible throughout the day.

Water enhances our physical health and well-being.

It help to keep us calm and balanced. It renews our cells.

It keeps our joints lubricated and aids every body system.

It can also aid us as we’re making a shift in consciousness, as so many millions are now.

My experience with structured water . . .

“Water affects everything in all of our energy bodies.

But what we get from the tap contains pharmaceuticals, impurities, fluoride, chlorine, and old emotional imprints.

And bottled water is contaminated by being bottled in plastic, which also harms the environment.

Structured water solves all of that, by returning water to its original, pure state.

It improves your health, helping you think more clearly, detoxifying your body, and keeping you calm, clear-minded, and hydrated, which unstructured water can’t do.

Have I noticed a difference, when I don’t use the filter? Yes!

A few years ago, I took a trip to Belfast for a few weeks, and didn’t bring the filter. I thought a few weeks without it wouldn’t be a problem.

Though I love Belfast and have wonderful friends there, many people there still resonate with the pain and trauma they experienced during the Troubles.

While there, I had difficult, upsetting conversation with someone I’d known a long time.

Structured water is so calming, and I hadn’t had any of it for more than a week.

Once I returned home to the US, as soon as I got in the door, I put down my bags and drank several tall glasses of structured water.

I felt immediately better. 

The inventor, Clayton Nolte, says it’s like drinking Light, and I agree — it actually lifts your consciousness, in addition to being an incredible boost to overall health and rejuvenation.

You can structure your drink in a restaurant by structuring just one teaspoon of whatever drink you’ve ordered and mixing that into the rest of your glass—the entire drink will be structured as a result, and it improves the taste.

I use my portable structured water filter for filling a pot for cooking, or filling the tea kettle.

I run everything I drink through that filter, and rinse all fruits and vegetables in structured water. 

You can also mist your food with a bit of structured water, to raise the vibration of every meal.

We absorb several cups of water through our skin with every bath or shower, so I run the filter through bath water a few times, as that structures all the water in the bathtub. There are also shower units available.

That process also works for swimming pools. Just rinse out your portable filter any time you use it for anything other than drinking water.

Though you may still taste the chlorine and fluoride they put in tap water, those and all other harmful chemicals will have been completely neutralized. 

These filters could save lives in towns and cities around the world where, like in Flint, Michigan, the water is undrinkable.

I view structured water filters as a fifth dimensional invention.

It’s a great investment in overall health and well-being, and a real boost to your Ascension journey.

– Caroline Oceana Ryan

Just go to and sign up to gain access to more info and to view or buy a filter.

The Search for Pure Water

Water has memory. Dr. Emoto’s work showed that to the world.

Water reacts to and remembers all thoughts and energies in its immediate surroundings, both negative and positive, in its effort to achieve balance.

In the natural world, Nature creates the geometric configurations needed to achieve and maintain balance in water molecules.

It uses the vortex that’s created as water flows quickly over stones, waterfalls, and ravines.

This is how water purifies itself as it flows downstream, or receives the runoff from high-elevation glaciers.

The Natural Action Structured Water Units perfectly mimic this same fast-flowing, purifying movement.

Invented by Clayton Nolte, the Natural Action Structured Water Unit is a new technology for water treatment that uses Nature’s own methods.

Watch this video to see how it works:

  • Creates cleaner, softer, smoother water — without the use of chemicals, filters, salts, electricity, or complex metal alloys
  • Never needs a filter
  • Never needs any part replaced
  • Is guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Is a completely maintenance-free water-conditioning and purifying system

How it Works

This new technology uses an innovative application and advanced understanding of the vortex phenomenon.

It uses the movement of water itself to purify the water, by creating a “fluid machine” that works at the molecular level.

This “fluid machine” alters the molecular structure of water in a way that activates and retains the healthful benefits of minerals, while neutralizing all excess suspended solids, contaminants, and sediment.

The filter works by making the water spin in both directions simultaneously, many times, creating a vortex energy that cleanses and balances the water.

The water itself is the machine.

There are no moving parts, no chemicals, no magnets.

The water works upon itself, cleansing and purifying itself as it spins through the filter thousands of times.

The units also have geometric forms inside.

These are flow-form devices that cause the water to structure itself, so that on a molecular level it becomes pure again, as if it just ran down a mountain stream for the first time.

These devices are called Natural Action, Structured Water Units.

Structured Water - MED

What It Does

Research has demonstrated that Structured Water:

  • Helps increase or improve hydration on an intra- and extra- cellular level
  • Helps detoxify the cells through superior hydration
  • Helps balance water
  • Helps double the immune system’s response
  • Helps increase oxygen content in the blood (good for high altitude)
  • Helps increase thought processing, mental awareness, and creativity
  • Helps swollen joints that are associated with arthritis
  • Helps establish better health and overall vitality

The body seeks balance, and water also seeks to be in balance. The body will adjust and copy the molecular patterns of water that is naturally balanced.

This can improve our health and outlook tremendously.

Benefits include:
  • Excellent way to stay hydrated (most people are chronically dehydrated)
  • Helps to release healthy vitamins and minerals to all life
  • Hair and skin rinses are cleaner; hair feels better when washed in structured water
  • Makes showers and baths more refreshing
  • Livestock, pets, and fish become healthier
  • Improves overall health; you experience less joint and muscle pain, have more energy
  • Fish tanks become cleaner and healthier
  • Less soap is needed when washing
  • Cleaner hot tubs and spas, with fewer chemicals required
  • Reduces the effects of sunburns
  • Prevents dry, itchy skin
  • Promotes longer life (anti-aging)
  • Reduces odors around/in bathrooms and toilets
  • Clothes are washed and rinsed cleaner in the laundry
  • Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits — spotless dishes, window washing, and car washes

The Units

The Natural Action Structured Water Unit comes in a variety of sizes, including: Commercial, Whole House, Under Sink, Shower, Garden, and Portable.

The flow-form design in both the original Structured Water Units and now the Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Units provides the platform for water to do the same multi-spin vortexing dance that it does in nature.

That spinning action then cleans the memory of the water molecules, infuses it with biophotonic energy (Light), and balances the water.

With the Structured Water Units, you are then able to infuse your own intentions or energy imprint into the water — or keep it clear of all intentions.

The Dynamically Enhanced Portable Structured Water Unit

The Dynamically Enhanced Portable Structured Water Unit

The Portable Unit (Original or Dynamically Enhanced) is incredibly light, compact, and convenient to carry with you — easy to use at home, at work, in restaurants — anywhere you want any liquid you’re drinking to be as pure and health-affirming as possible.

Dynamically Enhanced Whole House Unit

Dynamically Enhanced Whole House Unit

Adding a Whole House Unit to your home will benefit everyone — people, pets, and house plants.

Dynamically Enhanced Structured Garden Unit

Dynamically Enhanced Structured Garden Unit

The Dynamically Enhanced Garden Units will keep your lawn and garden healthy and blooming.

Dynamically Enhanced Mini Shower Unit

The Dynamically Enhanced Mini Shower Unit

The Dynamically Enhanced Mini Shower or Super Shower Unit will ensure that all the water your body absorbs is pure, balanced, and supports your overall health.

The Under the Sink Natural Action Unit

The Under the Sink Natural Action Unit

The Under the Sink Unit fits nicely under your kitchen sink, so that all water that you drink or cook with is automatically structured, balanced and pure.


Completely Natural Method

The Dynamically Enhanced Units contain natural elements from the Earth.

The water is energetically cleansed, then infused with Earth energy imprints, in the same way that water is cleansed naturally in Nature.

You may still taste the chlorine or fluoride, but its effects will be gone — completely nullified.

If you’re traveling to any country or region with little to no pure water available, simply use your portable unit for washing, drinking, and cooking.

No other purification will be needed, as numerous travelers to countries such as India and Mexico have found.


About the Inventor

Clayton Nolte is a researcher and inspired inventor of life-transforming structuring technologies. He has spent the last forty years exploring physics, math, and the properties of water, and the effects it has on life.

During his research, Clayton found that Nature’s own structured water is a unique reoccurring phenomenon, appearing where no water should. Clayton then delved into the inner world of water, and created an innovative line of water structuring units.


Info on Models, Pricing, and How to Order

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Structured Water - MED


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