Ascension Times

Ascension Times

The Self-Love & Self-Empowerment Series

Guided Meditations


Transmuting Painful Experiences into Peace and Wisdom

MP3 recording
Length: 15 minutes

Many identify with the mental/emotional burdens they carry, and feel defined by painful memories and associations.

In this beautiful journey, you will meet higher beings who will transmute the energy imprints of your painful experiences into the Light of wisdom, peace, understanding, and empowerment.

Release the unnecessary weight you have carried in this life—physical, mental, emotional, or etheric—and find new freedom in the Light of this meditation.

Music by Thaddeus

SL01 – Transmuting Painful Experiences
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00


Upgrading Your Energy Patterns:
Shifting to a Higher Vibration of Divine Love, Abundance, and Empowerment


MP3 recording
Length: 18 minutes

Step out of the energy field you live in every day, and see the patterns that limit the amount of of health, Love, and abundance you are experiencing.

Waves of higher Light will flow through you, erasing old boundaries and dissolving old walls around your heart, as you release thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that do not serve your higher good.

You can be that fearless person who greets all with Love and acceptance, allowing your highest level of physical health and energy, Love, and abundance.

Music by Thaddeus

SL02 – Upgrading Your Energy Patterns
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00


Staying in Your Center: Creating Clear Boundaries

MP3 recording
Length: 15 minutes

This is about you receiving a clear and definite sense of self—knowing where your energies end, and other people’s energies begin.

Experience yourself in your crystalline Lightbody, filled with luminescent healing energies, as you get clear on how the energies of people, places, and situations affect you.

Your Higher Self will work with your heart-mind to increase your sense of self-love and empowerment at your core.

You can stay in your true center, remaining centered and calm in any situation. Release negative attachments and patterns, and resonate with the Light of your soul.

Music by Thaddeus

SL03 – Staying in Your Center
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00


I am adding your meditations and ebooks to my self-care daily practice – all very helpful for my growth and for the growth of my future clients! Thank you again!

I feel re-energized with new energy from your Collective.

Blessings to you!

– Terry, Life Coach

Soul Level Shifts: Creating A Life That Honors You

MP3 recording
Length: 16 minutes

This journey will lead you to travel through a portal in space-time, and into a Creational energy field.

Choose an area of your life to raise to a higher vibrational level.

A powerful Angelic Being will direct a stream of Light and energy, recalibrating your energy to match the vibration of this new higher reality you are creating.

Release all struggle in this area, so that you vibrationally match this new level of health, Love, abundance, or creative expression.

Music by Thaddeus

SL04 – Soul Level Shifts: Creating a Life That Honors You
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00

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Increasing Your Soul Connection:
Reclaiming Past Life Strengths and Abilities

MP3 recording
Length: 15 minutes

Step through time, to visit one of your past lives.

Tap into the sacred gifts you had in that life, bringing them into your conscious awareness.

Let your soul gift you with a scene that is a much higher, finer image of your current life, in which you are using soul-level gifts and abilities.

Accept the reality of that vision into your heart-mind, so that you can begin to live it, experiencing greater joy, self-Love, and fulfillment.

Music by Thaddeus

SL05 – Increasing Your Soul Connection: Reclaiming Past Life Strengths and Abilities
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00

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Aligning With Your Soul’s Power:

Releasing the Power of Your Soul Into Your Everyday Life

MP3 recording
Length: 16 minutes

You are far more than the sum of your life experiences!

Travel into the higher realms to where your Soul resides, and experience its power and courage, giving it any situation you haven’t been able to solve or understand.

Receive a message from your Soul about this situation or your life path as a whole.

Absorb your Soul’s wisdom, Love, and encouragement, so that powerful changes can occur in your life from the inside out.

Open to receiving energies that awaken your siddhis, such as telepathy, manifestation, transmutation, lucid dreaming, and higher dimensional sight.

Music by Thaddeus

SL06 – Aligning With Your Soul’s Power
Guided Meditation – MP3 Download – US$11.00

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“I have gotten so much from doing your guided meditations
for two months now.

My vibration is raising and I love it.

Thank you!”

– Joe, Florida

The Complete Self-Love and Self-Empowerment Series

Six Guided Meditations: 

  • Aligning with Your Soul’s Power MP3
  • Creating a Life That Honors You MP3
  • Transmuting Painful Experiences MP3
  • Upgrading Your Energy Patterns MP3
  • Increasing Your Soul Connection MP3
  • Staying in Your Center MP3

SL07 – Complete Self-Love and Self-Empowerment Series
Guided Meditations – MP3 Downloads: US$55.00


All music is composed by Thaddeus, an Angelic Being channeled by Sanaya Roman of Used by permission.


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