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Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – March 30, 2014

A new message, from a collective who are among the crew members aboard Lord Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar’s ship, the New Jerusalem.


Greetings, friend and fellow crew member, and all those who read this message!

We are pleased to speak with you again today, and to know that you are well and open to receiving our words and messages.

Know that we are with you at every moment of the journey you are taking, that you have yourself on a soul level determined its challenges and its joys, and that your soul is your overlighting presence, neither separate from you nor in judgment of you, nor are all of us here on the New Jerusalem, which you work on in your Earthly body’s sleeping hours.

Our writer friend, you have been worried about have done the wrong thing by buying a few dollars’ worth of Vietnamese currency, having read a supposedly “channeled” message from an Archangel whom you trust (though it was not he dictating this message), that this would be a wise thing to do.

It is true that investments in certain currencies such as the Iraqi dinar have been used by the dark ones for nefarious dealings, including what your military terms black operations or black ops. These are dark dealings indeed and not to be taken lightly, though in many cases those who supposedly died in mass shootings did not actually die, but were hidden away or played by actors.

Yet the fear and grief these staged events caused were very real, as was the mass sense of panic, pain and hyper-awareness, creating the intended feeling of needing the State (your government) to protect you against these unseen monsters who would blow up innocent marathoners or shoot innocent children, to name a few of these operations.

And while it is so, that these monies gained in this currency trading were used to aid these operations, it is also true that they would have carried on, regardless of the funding found or not found. For the dark ones have staged as much as they could manage, despite white hat opposition to their intentions, in these final last years and months of the dark cabal’s descent.

Many have been arrested and are being tried, and many more will follow. And do you stand amongst the guilty, for having made this tiny investment, you are wondering almost aloud.I Wish I Could Show You - MEDIUM

COR: Yes. I also wonder what other karma I have drawn to me—what other complicity I have accidentally given.

If I buy gasoline for a rental car, haven’t I contributed to their horrible war in Iraq?

If I keep my money in a bank, aren’t I helping them invest funds into other military and financial plots around the world?

If I buy a prescription drug from a pharmaceutical company that falsely vaccinates children in third world countries (and my own) with toxic chemicals that cause death, illness, injury—haven’t I contributed to that as well?

What do I do with that karma, in addition to all the other karma I have acquired through hundreds of lifetimes on third-dimensional Earth?

Dearest one, we would say that your questions are as valid as they are circular. For you cannot live on this Earth without investing, in your present system, into the dark cabal. That is nearly impossible.

Even those indigenous peoples who live completely off the Earth, in the most honest of ways, have had to comply with the very great evil of having their ancestral lands stolen from them and used for the planting and processing of large corporate products.

And so despite their inherent honesty, they are both victim and complicit partner to the exploitation of Earth’s resources, because they wished to keep their families alive and to feed their children, rather than protesting and seeing themselves and others mowed down by machine gunfire. And we have nothing but compassion for their situation, as do you.

In a lesser way, you also were doing what you believed would help your family in relief of debt and financial obligation, as well as yourself. You believed as you always have, that with more money you could free yourself for the work you are truly meant to do, with no worries for financial constraints that would tie you to a job-for-money situation.

And you wished, as you always have, to aid your siblings and relieve them and their children of all debt. This is what most Lightworkers have wanted, and this is the kind impulse you were exploited for.

Be Still and Listen

Rather than worry now, in a counterproductive way as you would say, over a deed done innocently and on the advice of someone [a false channel] you trusted, who is not to be trusted, we would recommend that you continue to tithe to those you love and respect who also inspire you, such as the nonprofit organization you are helping, as well as to your own work and to those young people who will benefit from that help.

In this way you pass a blessing over all of the financial goings on that are under your control, and you release useless feelings of guilt or sadness that unintentional mistakes can bring.

We would say, concentrate now on who you can help, and letting them know that your love and your growing luminescence are there to support them in their ascension, as clearly theirs is here to support you in yours.

Too many Lightworkers are caught up in the fear that they are not doing enough. What can be more, than to face the day with love uppermost in mind and heart, and to do what brings you joy? Surely this is what you would hope for any child or young man or woman who came to you asking, What shall I do?

“Whatever brings you joy” would be your immediate answer, as ever, and it is our answer to you now, as you continue to ascend and cast off the constraints and constrictions of third-dimensional living, which is short-sighted and narrow in mental and emotional awareness, at best.

You have been trained to take in certain “physical” information—words, ideas, images—and to translate that as being your reality. That is well, as some of your survival depends upon it.

But learning to read, for example, the energy of the sun and the solar flares occurring now, is far more helpful than reading mere reports and opinions on the internet or other sources. Likewise, the powerful constellations and their energetic meaning, in terms of how they will affect human affairs, cannot be underestimated.

Mother Gaia is awaiting the ascension of her peoples that She Herself has already taken. And so anchor these new energies reaching the Earth from the central sun [Alcyone] and your own smaller sun, Sol, into your lovely and miraculous Earth.

Concentrate on bringing those higher energies as well as those of St Germain’s Violet Flame, to human reality and perception.

In these moments you begin to release the narrowness of human mental construct. The terrifyingly small, constricting path of human ego. And the constant misunderstandings and lack of understanding that come from not processing higher energies nor understanding how to work with energy as a living, vibrating presence.

You are here to release that narrowness, that lack of resonance with higher consciousness.

You are here to remember who you are!

COR: Thank you, my friends.

We shall see you soon, dearest one!


Excellent video on the astrological alignments occurring in April 2014, by, at


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