Ascension Times

Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – May 15, 2014

COR: My friends, the energies – particularly in the days leading up to the full moon this month – have been particularly stressful, I think. Can you tell us what is happening?

We are always ready to answer questions, dearest Friend. Namaste!

We see you in your confusion and “overload” of new energies some days. The mental chatter becoming more obvious to you as no longer being necessary for your daily consciousness. And the old grudges and feelings of dissatisfaction—the need to perpetually look forward to something in future—this too is fading as the indescribable beauty and value of the Present becomes ever clearer to you.

There is much in turmoil now. And for that we would say, “Batten down the hatches” as the sailors of old would have warned one another. For the seas seem rough and the wind powerful, and yes, as you have noted, there is as ever, some opposition to these changes. Yet the great Changes will come now, regardless of who approves or disapproves of them.

The energies you speak of are a sort of former Self which the Earth and Her people are throwing off—an old layer of false consciousness, affecting humans and animals more than trees, plants, earth or water, though these too were caught in the web.

It is the raucous energy of creation/destruction, the duality that is typical of third-dimensional planets and their daily turmoil and violence.

This too shall pass, and all manner of things shall be well, to quote one of your favorite mystics [Julian of Norwich]. She too felt the violence of this Earthly plane, even though she did not march into physical battle as some have done.

Photo from ET Let's Talk - Med

Cloud ship on a country road – Photo from ET Let’s Talk

She felt it keenly, particularly any violence or deprivation affecting innocent persons, those termed in the modern world as “vulnerable populations,” and she interceded for them in her daily prayers, as indeed you do frequently, dearest.

There is no avoiding the fact of the violent nature of life on the third-dimensional plane. But these disturbing energies you speak of have to do with a throwing off of the old mantle, a release of the veil of deceit, hatred and corruption that you have all been raised to value, in one guise or another. That time is ending, and more quickly than you could know.

And so you may ask, Why is there not an accompanying feeling of peace? A release of the old pain, and an enjoyment of newfound beauty, and the light-filled joy that characterizes life in the fifth dimension?

Because it has not yet fully arrived. And in order to do so, the third dimension must be pulled out of its stubborn holding pattern, as you might term it—its deadly grip pulled off and away from your consciousness, so that you may rise higher than this.

You have lived not only in a fog of fear and unknowing. You have also lived in the mistaken, learned notion that you have no control over your destiny, save for “chance” or “miracles” in which an angel or perhaps the character known as Lady Luck visits you—or perhaps a good-natured elf or faery here or there—to make your troubles disappear and produce beauty, peace and abundance in their place.

And yes, some of that is possible. But it is not what you go toward. It is not to be a part of your fifth-dimensional experience as evolved beings, who actively make manifest their own desires in increasingly higher forms of Light. And it is not the fullness of what your soul would intend for you, to live so narrowly, and to never realize your own powerful Presence.

And so while these old energies are cleansed from the Earth, and from human consciousness, and while the old structures that for so long disabled your soul’s power to create through your human form are dissolved, and their minions removed—while all that is occurring, much will feel strange, even painful at times.

But while these “growing pains” are stressful and require some patience to weather, they have great soul purpose. Know too that all of us are watching and as you would say, rooting for your team. You have our utter empathy. We feel your difficult moments as well as your joyful ones.

Some relief may be found in turning to the higher forms of music that you will be naturally drawn to now, for the order of those compositions will re-order your much-rattled energy, and calm you on many levels on days when all feels taxing.

Swans - Photo by Michael Maguire, Northern Ireland

Swans – Photo by Michael Maguire, Northern Ireland

Turn also to writing down your reflections and difficulties, those parts of your heart and mind that seem to be in dissonance with the new consciousness being birthed within you. Write these down, then burn the pages to ash. You can release them; they have no hold over you.

And express to one another, as you have been doing, the strangeness of this new consciousness, how it is not so much like putting on a new suit of clothing as removing a heavy outer suit that you now realize never “suited” you at all.

There is a way forward, and you are all finding it. Speak to us and to your guides often, and to your twin flames who are waiting, joyfully anticipating their reunion with you. For all is well, and all manner of things shall be most well.

Until we speak again—Namaste, dearest Friends. We are with you.


Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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