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Ascension Times

Channeling Sessions

An individual session with the Collective can help you get greater clarity and breakthrough insights on a range of issues and challenges.

The Collective are a group of higher beings who include the Ascended Masters, numerous Angels and Archangels, the Faerie elders, the Earth elementals of air, water, soil, and ether), and other powerful Light Beings.

The Collective will invite in your Spirit team of Angelic guardians, spirit guides, and Higher Self at the start of the session, inviting them to contribute insights and wisdom to each question asked, before contributing their own higher insights.

In addition to their higher wisdom, all of the Collective’s messages and insights, both live and recorded, carry positive, empowering energies to support and encourage you on your path.

Questions can address any area of life. They might be long-term challenges from this or past lives, or shorter-term situations you are dealing with right now.

Sessions can cover areas such as:

  • Family and other relationships
  • Your general health and well-being, including diet and issues such as addictions
  • Life work, day jobs, and life purpose
  • Money and abundance issues
  • Any other issues that are troubling you

Sessions can also bring you:

  • Direct messages from your “support team” — your spirit guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self
  • Romantic relationships, including kindred souls and your twin flame
  • Messages from loved ones or anyone you are having a problem with, whether they have passed or are still on the Earth — the Collective is able to bring in their spirit and speak to them directly
  • Messages from your twin flame and soul family
  • Information on soul growth, including increased soul integration and infusion of your soul’s energies and power into your everyday life

Live Channeling Sessions

If you would like to have a phone session with the Collective, simply choose one of the PayPal options below, for a 20-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute, or one-hour session.

I’ll respond as soon as I can so we can schedule your session.

After the session, I’ll email you the recording as an MP3. Each time you listen to it, you’ll receive a renewal of the Collective’s energy gifts to you.

(For info on a quick one-question reading, see below.)

You will also receive any guided meditation MP3s or channeled ebooks from the Collective, plus any other recommendations, referrals, or information they would like you to have, to further support you and any areas that were discussed during your session.

Their energies will continue to flow to you for as long as you wish, to help you to feel more enlivened, encouraged, and empowered on your path.

I offer Skype sessions for those outside the United States. Otherwise all calls take place on a free conference call line, so that the call can be recorded. 

* * *

In your session, the Collective will concentrate on reading and lifting your energies and outlook on the issues you bring to the reading, to help you move further into the beauty, joy, creativity, and fulfillment of fifth dimensional living. 

All of their insights carry their beautiful gifts of higher energy, to help you move to a higher level in terms of both your life situations and your Ascension path.

Please approach your reading with an open mind, and a willingness to hear something you are not expecting.

Please note that the Collective to do not give medical diagnoses or prescribe medical treatment. They give only general holistic health advice (see disclaimer below).

Specific questions are best. Very general questions, such as “What happened to me last month?” or “Where is my soul from?” tend to get a very general answer.

Specific questions, such as “Am I on the right path with the work I’m doing?” or “Why are family relationships so hard for me?” with a bit of background information get a much more specific answer.

If you need to simply ask “What do I need to know right now?” — that is a great question to ask at the end of your session. 

Your Spirit team of Angelic guardians, higher self, and spirit guides are always invited to join us.

As with everything, accept only those answers that resonate intuitively as being right for you.

Scheduling a Reading

Please Be Aware: Due to high demand, sessions are being scheduled 8 weeks from the current date.

The “Just One Question” or “Just Two Questions” readings offer the fastest turnaround (one week or less).


20-Minute Session: US$70.00


30-Minute Session: US$110.00


45-Minute Session: US$160.00


One-Hour Session: US$225.00


Just One Question: US$25.00

If you have just one question to ask the Collective, just use the PayPal button below, and email your question to me at

I will channel the Collective’s answer and send you the MP3 within three working days.

Their answers are substantial — the recording can be anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes long.

Please send in a specific question.

If you want to ask “What do I need to know?” please specify an area of your life that is challenging for you right now. 

An example might be, “What do I need to know about my Abundance vibration? How can I create more money and Abundance?”

That gives the Collective permission to walk into the energy of the situation and to work with you on it energetically, as well as provide information on that part of your life path.

Just Two Questions: US$50.00

If you have just two question to ask the Collective, just use the PayPal button below, and email your question to me at

I will channel the Collective’s answer and send you the MP3 within four working days.

Their answers are substantial — the recording can be anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes long.

Please send in specific questions.

If you want to ask “What do I need to know?” please specify areas of your life that are challenging for you right now, such as family or work, or life purpose.

The Collective can then walk into the energy of the situation and work with you on it energetically, as well as provide specific information on those areas.

What people are saying about sessions with the Collective . . .

“I just went through the recording of the reading. It’s like listening to a symphony. The words, so soothing. I feel them and my whole being relaxes and softens.

A beautiful reading! I particularly appreciated the affirmations, and comments about guides.

Words cannot describe my gratitude to you and the Collective. My heart is open! So much love and gratitude!”

– Rosie, Australia

“I have been feeling so peaceful since the channeling that you and the Collective did last week for me. I feel like I received a healing!”

– Melissa, North Carolina


“Thank you, and the Collective, for your answer. It was very comforting indeed … sometimes there is too much fog that prevents me to see the TRUTH!

Thank you so much!! I feel better already!”

– Tepi, Greece


“Thank you very much — very helpful and uplifting! I’m very glad that I’ve done this reading.”

– Cem, Netherlands


“My outlook has really changed after my reading from the Collective. It’s a gift for sure to be able to connect with them in this way.”

– Stephanie, Australia


“Thank you So Much. 

Your messages from the Collective have reassured me greatly that what I have perceived and experienced is TRUTH. It is easy to get discouraged and your timely email has lifted my spirit immensely.”

– Cathy, New Hampshire


“Dearest Caroline, you have blessed me beyond imagination. Thank you from all of my being.”

– Mayra, New York City


“Wow! What a powerful channeling you and the Collective gave to my questions. I wanted to thank you from my heart and soul.”

– Lynne, New York


“Many thanks to you and the Collective for such a complete answer to my question. It does shed Light on my path, and resonates with me at a very deep level.”

– Michaela, California


“I wish to say a beautiful thank you for the Gift that you offer. The answer has been most enlightening and humbling, that there will be a new path for me.”

– Janice, Australia


“Thank you for the profound and healing group call! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted.

Much love and gratitude.”

– Lynn, Texas


“Thank you so much for the reading! I can see what you mean about the embedded energies. I could feel it.

The info that came through was wonderful, and I’m so grateful for the insights it’s given me.”

– Candice, Australia


“I really enjoyed the session! I couldn’t stop smiling after it . . . I felt so excited about our future and feel so empowered now! Thank you!”

– Brenda, Ohio


DISCLAIMER: The information on this website, and all information written or channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan in any manner or form, is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional health or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or for professional financial advice or planning. Health, financial and life results vary with each individual and no results are guaranteed. No writing or live, written, or recorded channeling from Caroline Oceana Ryan or the Collective is meant or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or other life condition.





7 Replies

  1. That is wonderful, Renee! Yes, they do!


  2. Renee Ziemba

    <3 I have been experiencing my own personal blessings in forms from higher realms that have brought much peace and calmness within. These special Souls Do Shine On.

  3. Hello Renee –

    I was always inspired by Robin Williams as well. He had a huge heart. I’m sorry I never saw him perform on Broadway — you’re lucky to have seen that!

    From what I understand, he is making the transition to the higher dimensions, which is wonderful news. We’re all sending him and young Michael Brown, and others who have died suddenly and unexpectedly, much Love and Light.

    Thank you so much — Namaste!

  4. Renee Ziemba

    I just read the latest message from the Collectives regarding the recent deaths of two beautiful souls. I have personally spent much time listening and watching performances of Robin whose special messages were most profound and clearly delivered all of which I felt served the same purpose just through different versions. His last Broadway performance demonstrated his powerful ability to make sure he was Understood. I have very personal reasons to see his spirit continue to shine on to bring light and awareness to others. Love, Renee

  5. Thank you, Lynne! Many blessings to you as well!

  6. Lynne

    I love this new addition to your site, and thank the Collective for offering their services to those who seek information and clarity. Many blessings.

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