Ascension Times

Ascension Times

Radio Show: The Empowered Lightworker

Please join us for The Empowered Lightworker, airing live Tuesdays at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern on BBM Global Network and TuneIn Radio.

To listen to the show live, go here and hit the green “Listen” button.

For replays, go to the show’s page.

Each week Caroline relays a new message or channels directly from the Collective about issues powerfully affecting Lightworkers now, such as physical exhaustion, old emotional issues coming up, and Abundance issues, as they flow energies to assist us in dealing with the current shifts, and to empower our life paths.

Most shows feature interviews of someone whose work is empowering and 5th dimensional—

Scientists, inventors, and holistic health practitioners using fifth dimensional technologies and shamanic tools, and energy medicine . . .

Conscious musicians, bestselling authors . . .

Paranormal and ET experiencers, and more . . .

With opportunities for listeners to call in with the question or comment.

Please join us!



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