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February Abundance Gift

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Creating Money & Abundance


The Wealthy Lightworker Interview Series

Starting February 19, 2018

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Two free guided Abundance meditations, full of empowering energies to support you in claiming the Abundance your Spirit is made of!


All over the world, spiritually aware people struggle with the appearance of lack in their lives.

They dream of fulfilling work, a beautiful home, wonderful health, knowing their life purpose, joyful relationships.

Yet too often there seems to be an invisible barrier that holds them back. It could be:

  • Family, past life, or ancestral patterns
  • Old, dense social or religious programming
  • Feeling that they are “not deserving”
  • Resentment against money or the wealthy
  • Having written “Have just enough money to get by” into their blueprint for this life

Yet now that we are Ascending into fifth dimensional life on this planet, those old rules no longer apply.

In the Abundance Group, we work together to expand and empower our Abundance vibration and manifestations. 

Led by the Collective and our Spirit teams’ beautiful higher wisdom and insights, we receive energy activations and healing Light transmissions that lift our Abundance vibration into the next higher level.

And because we are a community, the power of our intentions is multiplied many times over.

You may be wanting to create a sum of money, a higher monthly income, a new home, a new job, community project, business, energy practice, or independent wealth.

We will work energetically on those manifestations, while empowering your god/goddess co-Creator abilities.

So if you’re ready to start co-Creating in joyful ways . . .

Now’s the time to join 

The Abundance Group

We meet for a 60- to 70-minute live conference call led by the Collective

Every other Wednesday
Starting January 3, 2018
5:45 PM Pacific / 8:45 PM Eastern

Join us by phone: (206) 402-0100 / PIN Code: 851056 #

For local US and international numbers, go to:

Everyone is welcome to join the live every-other-Wednesday conference calls.

If you would like to receive the MP3 replay the day after, plus other benefits, just sign up to be a Full or Basic Member — details below.

Sample Abundance Group Call:

The Abundance Group

As a member of the Abundance Group, you are actively supported in:

  • Creating greater self-Love and self-esteem
  • Knowing that you deserve Abundance and prosperity 
  • Shifting your vibration to allow more Abundance into your life
  • Getting a clearer vision of your life purpose
  • Working with Energy to create a new job, business, energy practice, specific sum of money, and/or a higher monthly income
  • Creating financial independence in whatever way is best for you
  • Living with the feeling of Abundance often, so that you more easily demonstrate Abundance outwardly
  • And more . . .

The Benefits of Full Membership include:

1 – Every-other-week conference calls offering practical Abundance tools and methods, an empowering Guided Meditation and Abundance Activation; a 20- to 30-minute Q&A; powerful Abundance activations and Light transmissions that continue flowing to you

2 – An additional once-a-month group Abundance Activation MP3 in which the Collective work to lift your specific Abundance vibration and to assist you in your manifestations (value: $60)

3 – A free PDF of the Collective’s ebook Abundance For All (value: $8.99)

4 – The Collective’s “Working With Energy” meditation MP3/manifestation tool (value: $11)

5 – At least one free MP3 and/or PDF every month from the Collective’s guided meditations on Abundance and Self-Empowerment (value: $11)

6 – The Empowered Abundance Prayer MP3 recording and PDF (value: $11)

7 – A 40% discount on the purchase of the complete Abundance Series One and Series Two 

8 – MP3 recordings of the first eight Abundance Group sessions (value: $88)

9 – Membership in the private Abundance Group Facebook group page (Priceless)


Two members are randomly selected each month to receive a free 45-minute recorded channeling session by phone (Skype for those outside the US). (Value: $160)

“Dear Caroline and the Collective, 

My deepest gratitude for the loving encouragement, expansive wisdom, and Highly Aligned guided meditations you so generously share with us in the Abundance calls.

I am so grateful for this Divine Support . . .

Playing in these fields with you each week is exceptionally inspiring and uplifting. The exercises you lead us through are very powerful tools for clearing blocks and amplifying our intentions.

I have found a profound sense of peace, Knowing the Universe really is providing everything I need and desire.

Engaging in co-creating all that I desire has been playful and empowering.

The more I trust the process, the more money is flowing into my life.

The value of my experience with all of you? Priceless!

Much Love and Many Blessings!”

– Maureen, Colorado


“It was great listening to the call again. Such a beautiful relaxing flow of energy emanating from the group.

We are all very grateful to have you amongst us with your ability to bring forth the wonderful vibrations, lessons and energies of the Collective.

Thank you!”

– Marshall, Nevada


“Caroline, the session tonight was Awesome!!

Since I started your sessions earlier this year I have experienced wonderful breakthroughs.

Thank you and the Collective!”

– Ahalya, New York


“Just listened to the replay. WOWOWOW. Loved this format.

Great session. Thank you so much!”

– Janet, Ontario


“Your last Abundance Call was Ultra Powerful!

I listen to it over and over.”

– MK, Utah

Join the Collective and your fellow manifesters in this personalized, interactive program.

We’re here to help you expand your personal Abundance vibration and empower it into new and beautiful manifestations.


Active members will be automatically billed each month via credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish.

Subscriptions are available on two levels:

Full Abundance Group Members
will receive all of the above Full Membership benefits.

Full Monthly Membership Subscription

Introductory Rate: $25 / month

Basic Abundance Group Members
will receive:

  • The Collective’s “Working With Energy” manifestation tool / guided meditation MP3
  • The MP3 of each call, sent the day after the call
  • The PDF of the call, sent the following week
  • Membership in the private Abundance Group Facebook group page

Basic Monthly Membership Subscription

Introductory Rate: $15 / month


Please Note:
Your membership will be automatically billed each month to your credit or debit card or PayPal account. It is important to keep your payment method details up to date.

This is a month-to-month membership subscription, and you may cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, your membership will remain in place until the next monthly payment would have been due.

Membership is not transferable to others. Membership account or membership benefits or features may not be shared with others, without the express written consent of Caroline Oceana Ryan.



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